Unilever's brand Breyers has launched a new dairy-free ice cream made with animal-free dairy proteins from Perfect Day.

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Unilever’s Breyers Launches Lactose-Free Ice Cream made with Animal-Free Whey Protein

Unilever brand Breyers, an ice cream company in business since 1886, has launched a new lactose and cholesterol-free product made with animal-free whey protein. Unilever, one of the world’s biggest CPG companies, partnered with Perfect Day, a pioneer producer of whey protein from precision fermentation, to introduce a more sustainable product than dairy ice cream but with the same taste and texture. Perfect Day claims its protein is identical to cow’s whey offering a lower environmental impact — its process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% and reduces blue water consumption by up to 99% compared to traditional production methods. An exciting innovation The new Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate is described as providing the creamy taste people expect from the brand, and will be available …


Vivici whey protein

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Vivici Launches Nature-Identical Whey Protein Made Using Fermentation

Vivici, a Netherlands-based producer of animal-free dairy proteins, has commercially launched its nature-identical whey protein made using precision fermentation. The protein is an isolate of beta-lactoglobulin, the major whey protein in cow’s milk. It contains all amino acids required by the human body and has high levels of leucine and branched-chain amino acids. The protein is also free of lactose, cholesterol, hormones, and antibiotics, and is said to be rapidly absorbed in blood plasma. In the US, the product has self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status. It provides a more sustainable alternative to conventional whey protein, with a neutral color and taste ideal for use in protein beverages, powders, and bars. “Nutritionally, Vivici’s beta-lactoglobulin isolate is superior to plant protein isolates, even outperforming whey …


microbial whey proteins co-founders of daisy lab

Daisy Lab Co-Founders Irina Miller (left), Dr. Nikki Freed, Emily McIsaac (right)/ © Daisy Lab


New Zealand’s Daisy Lab Successfully Scales Animal-Identical Whey Paving the Way for a New Dairy Industry

New Zealand’s Daisy Lab, a precision fermentation biotech, announces a scaling milestone: successfully manufacturing animal-identical whey proteins in 10 L fermenters.  In addition, Daisy Lab says that it has established the complete production process to create a final product, a whey protein powder.  Established in 2021 to produce novel dairy proteins, the female-founded startup has achieved remarkable progress in slightly over a year. The team discovered three whey protein expression systems using yeast and has raised $1.5 million to scale its production.  “We’ve successfully executed the process from start to finish, resulting in powdered whey protein that has undergone rigorous external testing. This accomplishment empowers us to delve into the creation of innovative edible product prototypes,” comments Irina Miller, Daisy Lab’s co-founder and CEO. Novel dairy …



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Investments & Finance

Perfect Day Secures $90M to Scale Whey Proteins, Co-Founders Step Down for New Leadership

Perfect Day, a US precision fermentation company producing whey proteins, announces that it has raised a pre-series E financing round of up to $90 million led by internal investors. After securing the funding round, co-founder and CEO Ryan Pandya and co-founder Perumal Gandhi have stepped down from a decade of operational management roles. “They now hand the reigns to a team poised to continue their work into a period of scaling production volumes and creating a profitable and future-focused business,” reads the announcement. The Berkeley-based biotech also announced the company’s current president, TM Narayan, as the interim CEO to helm the business on its path to profitability. According to the biotech, Narayan will bring an “elevated” leadership to the company by offering his strong track record …


Perfect Day Cowabunga Milk

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Products & Launches

Nestle Trials ‘Cowabunga’ Animal-Free Beverages Made with Perfect Day Whey

Alt-dairy startup Perfect Day announces that Nestle has begun testing its first animal-free milk product, Cowabunga, in select Safeway stores in San Francisco. Made with Perfect Day’s fermented whey protein, Cowabunga Animal-Free Dairy Beverages is the first product collaboration between the two companies.  Available in Original and Chocolate flavors, each 15 oz serving of Cowabunga contains 14 grams of fat and 250 calories, and is fortified with calcium and Vitamin D. Along with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, the drinks contain oat concentrate and high oleic sunflower oil.  Cowbunga, which appears to be a chilled product, is currently being trialed at six Safeway stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Latest liquid milk Perfect Day and Nestle first revealed a joint collaboration in September, when …


Onego Bio Egg White

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Company News

Perfect Day Unveils ‘nth Biology’ Hub, Partners with Onego Bio for Egg White Proteins

Alternative dairy leader Perfect Day announces the launch nth Bio – a new enterprise biology business that will offer the company’s precision fermentation expertise and technology to companies around the world. The startup also reveals nth Bio’s first public partner as Onego Bio, which specializes in making animal-free egg whites. Based in Salt Lake City, nth Bio seeks to accelerate the development of more responsibly sourced food, pharmaceuticals and textiles using the power of precision fermentation. To accomplish this, nth provides bioengineers access to critical tools, expertise, infrastructure and technology needed to create impact in the food sector and beyond.  According to the company, the name ‘nth’ perfectly describes its larger vision and mission.  “The name nth Bio comes from the exponential impact we stand …


Strive's animal-free milk

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Food & Beverage

Strive Nutrition Partners With Perfect Day For FREEMILK Alt Dairy With Animal-Free Whey Protein

Strive Nutrition Corp. is partnering with alt-dairy leader Perfect Day to release a new line of milk alternatives enriched with animal-free whey protein. Launching online in July, the lineup will feature the flagship product FREEMILK Whole as well as Oat+Protein and Almond+Protein, which promise to deliver the rich taste of dairy milk with more protein and nutritional benefits.  Strive’s lead product is FREEMILK Whole, which foams, whips, blends, and cooks like traditional dairy. Made with Perfect Day’s precision-fermented whey protein, FREEMILK provides 25% more protein, 75% less sugar and less saturated fat than regular whole cow’s milk. The product is also free from lactose, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics, and will be available in a nutritious Chocolate variety. 10x the protein Strive’s other offerings, Oat+Protein and …


Mooless Whey Protein



Natreve’s MOOLESS Animal-Free Whey Protein Enters Retail at 600+ Vitamin Shoppe Stores

Natreve, a nutrition and wellness brand, announces its highly anticipated MOOLESS animal-free whey protein is now available in over 690 Vitamin Shoppe stores across the US. The news marks the official retail launch for MOOLESS, a protein powder made with Perfect Day’s precision fermented whey. The product is also available through Natreve’s website and will expand to more retailers in the coming months.  Containing 20 grams of protein, 4.6 grams of BCAAs and a full range of digestive enzymes, MOOLESS is molecularly identical to conventional, cow-derived whey and provides the same nutritional benefits, Natreve states. Unlike animal-based whey, MOOLESS does not contain any lactose and hormones.  A first mover Available in four flavors – Vanilla Bean Cupcake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry …


Bored Cow Milk Products

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Tomorrow Farms and Perfect Day Launch Bored Cow “First-of-Its-Kind” Animal-Free Flavored Milks

Tomorrow Farms, a food technology company, is partnering with startup Perfect Day to launch Bored Cow – a first-of-its-kind flavored milk made from animal-free dairy proteins. Available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla varieties, with a fourth flavor coming this summer, the milk range is Tomorrow Farm’s first product. Bored Cow will be exclusively available online for direct shipping to the continental US beginning June 1.  Made with Perfect Day’s precision-fermented whey protein, Bored Cow creates a milk replacement by adding plant-based ingredients to replicate the creaminess of cow’s milk. The finished product offers the same complete protein as animal-based dairy (8 grams per cup), 0 grams of sugar, plus essential milk nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.  Bored Cow’s flavored milks …



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Products & Launches

Perfect Day Comments On Historic Launch of Animal-Free Whey Protein Powder

Perfect Day discusses the impact of bringing the world’s first non-animal whey protein to US, Hong Kong and Singapore markets. Perfect Day, the trend-setting startup that has raised $750 million to create real dairy without cows, recently launched the world’s first animal-free whey protein powder. Partnering with health and wellness brand Natreve, the two companies have introduced Mooless, a whey protein powder identical to animal-based whey that is produced through precision fermentation of microbes.  “We’re looking forward to continuing to extend our impact as we enter new categories and new markets in the months ahead.” Seeking to enter the multi-billion dollar powdered protein market, Perfect Day’s whey matches animal-based whey in taste, BCAA content, and grams of protein per serving, but is completely lactose-free and …