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Yeast Instead of Cows: Daisy Lab Obtains EPA Approval to Scale Whey Proteins

New Zealand’s precision fermentation biotech Daisy Lab announces that the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved the expansion of its dairy protein platform to 5,000 L. The endorsement follows the successful production of animal-identical whey proteins in 10 L fermenters announced in January. Day Lab states that this approval marks another significant milestone in scaling and commercializing its technology, enabling it to construct a pilot facility.  CSO and co-founder Dr. Nicole Freed highlights the role of the EPA in helping Daisy Lab deal with the legal aspects related to genetic technologies. She shares: “We invested significant time and resources into preparing our application, and it’s gratifying to see our efforts pay off. This is a crucial step forward for Daisy Lab and for precision fermentation technology in New …


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This Week in Animal-Free Dairy: Whey Protein Startups Navigate the Industry Challenges

This week, new developments from whey protein startups Remilk, Perfect Day, and emerging food tech Daisy Lab give us a closer look at some challenges these companies face to make animal-free dairy a reality. Remilk postpones plans for precision fermentation in Denmark Earlier this month, Remilk announced it had postponed its plans to build the “world’s largest full-scale precision fermentation facility” in Denmark. The Israel-based startup has now said that to accelerate its production goals, a contract manufacturer in Western Europe would produce the company’s whey proteins using its patented methods. Last year, Remilk raised $120 million to scale its animal-free protein production, envisioning its first precision fermentation facility in Europe. “Increased demand for our protein led us to focus on immediate production solutions that …


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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

This Week in Alt Dairy News: Innovations Fuel the New Dairy Revolution

This week in alt dairy news, featuring three new innovations from Oatly, Bored Cow, and Remilk. We note Oatly’s oat-based cream cheese launch, not in Sweden but in Philadelphia, where cream cheese is said to be born; Bored Cow launches Bored Cow Original, “the first milk alternative to do it all”; and Remilk’s whey proteins receive safety approval in important and dynamic markets. Dear readers, animal-free dairy is here to stay.  Oatly’s new Philadelphia style cream cheese Oatly has announced a limited release of its newest innovation, an oat-based cream cheese developed by Oatly’s Philadelphia-based food scientists, in the style of the famous Philadelphia spread. The new plant-based cream cheese will launch exclusively in “Philly” before it’s released to the U.S. market later this year. …