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New White Paper Discusses The Future of Commercial-Scale Cell Manufacturing

UK bioprocessing company CellRev has published a white paper titled The Future of Commercial-Scale Cell Manufacturing, highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by the cellular agriculture industry. The paper gives the opinions of experts from across the industry, finding that innovation is needed in all areas. Increased scale will be necessary to make cultivated products mainstream and commercially viable; this will require facilities that can produce huge quantities of cells, which will only be possible with considerable investment. However, livestock farmers currently receive far more public funding than cultivated meat companies. More investment into large-scale facilities would allow for the automation of cultivated meat production, reducing the need for skilled labor. Furthermore, current processes and equipment are mostly designed for other biologic products, and are …


Frank Anders, NX Food

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NX Foods: “Gastronomy First – Five Reasons to Launch Food Innovations With Culinary Experts”

NX-Food, which stands for Next Generation Food, advises its clients on the implementation of innovation processes, sustainable food concepts, technology and product innovations as well as corporate venturing activities. “We have accompanied a number of food product launches including Beyond Meat, Moving Mountains, Impossible Foods and TiNDLE” We spoke with Frank Anders, Head of Strategy & Financial Planning, who told us all about how a chef can act as a “quality gatekeeper” and explains to us the Gastronomy First approach. Frank, you work with the Food innovation consultancy NX-Food which launched its Whitepaper “Gastronomy First – 5 Reasons to launch food innovations with culinary experts” today. What is this approach? The “Gastronomy First” approach is a go-to-market strategy for new food products and brands. How …