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World Plant Milk Day Finale: Introducing The Global Plant Milk Brand Landscape

We are coming to the end of our World Plant Milk Day series, which featured quality plant milk brands from around the world. There are so many incredible companies in this sector that we couldn’t possibly feature them all, but we salute their innovation and dedication. Whilst there is still animal milk on the market, there is room for more plant-based milk!


Mighty Pea

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Mighty Pea: “World Plant Milk Day is a Great Opportunity to Make a Change”

It’s day three of our celebratory series about the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday 22nd. We are featuring different plant milk brands every day this week to see how they are celebrating and how they envision the future of the milk industry. Today we have two wonderful brands — Mighty Pea from the UK and Sproud from Sweden, both specialising in pea protein.



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Fairs & Events

World Plant Milk Day: Campaign for Vegan Milk Substitute Drinks

On August 22nd, 2018, World Plant Milk Day (WPMD), a collaborative event by Plant Based News and ProVeg International, will take place once again. To this end, another “Thunderclap campaign” has been launched, offering all supporters the opportunity to network on social media and spread the message about plant-based milk alternatives.