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NextFerm Technologies Launches Yeast-Based Vegan Protein

Israeli foodtech company NextFerm Technologies has announced that it will begin commercially producing its yeast-based vegan protein, ProteVin™. In the coming weeks, NextFerm will begin supplying ProteVin to various food and supplement companies. The announcement comes as the commissioning period for the company’s Canadian facility comes to an end, with the first batches of ProteVin having now been successfully produced. ProteVin is said to be suitable for a range of alt-protein applications, including plant-based milks and meats along with sports and nutrition products. According to NextFerm, ProteVin does not have the aftertaste associated with many plant-based proteins. “The alternative protein market is the main growth engine of the global food industry, and we expect high demands for ProteVin™, as a proprietary vegan protein source for …





ProteinDistillery Launches Customizable Vegan Protein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast 

ProteinDistillery is a German biotech startup producing what it claims is the first customizable vegan protein to fully substitute all functionalities of animal protein. The innovative proteins are obtained from upcycled brewer’s yeast, using by-products from Germany’s famous beer industry and contributing to a sustainable circular economy. Not requiring the addition of fillers or stabilizers such as methylcellulose, ProteinDistillery says its microorganism-derived proteins are designed to offer solutions across multiple areas of the alt protein sector, including meat, dairy, and egg alternatives, as well as functional food. The customizable vegan protein is offered by the food tech startup in a B2B model to manufacturers. In Germany, the birthplace of the famous beer “purity law”, yeast is not only available in large quantities but also offers …


Yeap Upcycled Yeast Protein

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Aleph Farms Founder Launches Yeap Upcycled Yeast to Disrupt the Alt Protein Market

Yeap upcycled yeast could be on the cusp of providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable protein to seriously disrupt the plant-based industry. The brainchild of cultivated meat pioneer Didier Toubia – CEO of Aleph Farms – Israel-based Yeap leverages spent yeast after fermentation.  “A protein that can do it all; flavorful, clean, nutritious, sustainable, and last but not least, inexpensive”  As first reported by Food Navigator, Yeap’s technology develops protein from yeast that is a byproduct from other industries, including breweries. The process is further simplified by the fact that any yeast strain can be used by Yeap to create a functional concentrated protein.  The protein will be a cost-effective alternative for various food segments, including the alt dairy and alt meat markets currently dominated …