Belgium: Vegan and Vegetarian Products Becoming Increasingly Popular

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Consumption of vegan and vegetarian products has been increasing significantly in Belgium for some time, as consumers increasingly opt for healthier and more sustainable products. These are the results of a survey conducted by the programme “De Zevende Dag”, produced by Belgian broadcasting organisation VRT.

The demand for plant-based, vegetarian and organic products in Belgium is growing steadily. Various retailers in the country, especially supermarkets, are also recording ever-higher sales figures in these areas.

In 2018, the large Belgian supermarket chain Carrefour announced an increase of 40% in sales of such products compared to the previous year. Competitor Delhaize recorded a 10% increase over the same period. However, Delhaize’s sales of vegan products increased by approximately 25% overall.

Roel Dekelver of Delhaize told VRT: “The increase has been observed for several years, but in 2018 we experienced a real acceleration. Our customer service is increasingly being contacted by consumers who have questions about the origin of products. Customers want products with a smaller environmental footprint. The times when only a small group of people ate vegetarian or vegan are really behind us.”