• IKEA Launches Plant-Based Milk and Butter

    IKEA is introducing two new vegan dairy-free options, in the form of oat-milk and butter. Made by Danish plant-based food brand Naturli’ Foods, the products are now available in IKEA stores across Denmark.

    IKEA appears keen to try out new plant-based products as veganism becomes more mainstream; the multinational Swedish firm has recognised the exponential growth of the plant-based market and has been continuously introducing new vegan products. The furniture giant is also actively moving towards being more sustainable with their packaging and energy use.

    Naturli’ foods, founded in 1998, offers a variety of meat and dairy alternatives. Its products can be found in major supermarkets across Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and soon, the US. Its oat milk is 12% fat and a source of calcium. The vegan butter is made from a blend of organic almonds, shea, coconut, and rapeseed oil, and is said to melt like traditional butter.

    Partnerships such as this are developing every day, as mainstream corporations search for ways to keep up with the changing market; consumers today are increasingly concerned with the environment, and the impact which animal agriculture has upon it .

    “We are stronger together,” says the Naturli’ website. “When it comes to fighting to regain the balance between the earth and humankind, two is better than one, and three is better than two. This is why we enter into partnerships with others who believe in the same things that we do. The larger we become as a group, the more our earth will be cared for.”

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