Kale United Funds Swedish Temptations

©Kale United

Kale United becomes a shareholder in Swedish Temptations AB, the creator of new split pea-based vegan tempeh Bärta; gears up for EUR1 million funding round.

Plant-based company Kale United AB (Kale United) today announces its investment in organic and vegan food brand Swedish Temptations AB (Swedish Temptations); inventors of Bärta, a plant-based tempeh made from sprouted and fermented split peas instead of soy.

Bärta is an organic, gluten-free, protein and fibre-rich meat alternative currently available in Sweden. Based in Karlshamn, Swedish Temptations plans to strategically expand its distribution, initially throughout Scandinavia – where demand for healthy, plant-based and sustainable products continues to grow.

The latest investment comes as Kale United gears up for a EUR1 million funding round, raising capital to invest in new game-changing plant-based businesses and grow the global Kale United ecosystem.