PBFA Reaches 100-Member Milestone

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Almond marketer and producer Blue Diamond Growers has become the 100th member of the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA). Blue Diamond is well known for being the maker of Almond Breeze, America’s most popular brand of almond milk. It also produces a range of other nut-based foods such as almond flour and Nut-Thins crackers.

Based in California, Blue Diamond is special because it is a non-profit cooperative rather than a traditional corporation. The company is owned by its almond growers, which are all family farms. It has helped to make California the world’s leading almond producer, overtaking major producers such as Italy and Spain.

California now produces 80% of the world’s almonds. These are exported to 95 countries, making them the state’s most significant food export and placing them in the top ten for the nation as a whole. Originally established more than a century ago, Blue Diamond is now going stronger than ever.

Rapid expansion

Suzanne Hagener, Blue Diamond’s brand marketing director, explains that the trend towards plant-based diets has led to dramatic growth for the company. Over 3000 growers are now part of the Blue Diamond cooperative. Hagener hopes that partnering with the PBFA will allow the organisations to work together towards their shared goals.

The PBFA, founded just two years ago, aims to make the marketplace for plant-based foods more competitive; its impressive growth from 22 to 100 member companies reflects the rapid expansion of the plant-based foods sector. Executive director Michele Simon says she is thrilled that Blue Diamond is joining the association and looks forward to working with the cooperative.