World’s Only Public Cultivated Meat Company, MeaTech 3D, Files for IPO in USA

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MeaTech 3D, an Israeli company working on developing 3D-printed cultivated meat, has announced that it is filing for a US IPO. The company has already been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for a year, making it the world’s only public cultivated meat company.

MeaTech submitted its draft registration statement confidentially, and neither the number of shares nor their price have yet been revealed.

Unlike many other cultivated meat companies, MeaTech does not plan to launch its own brand. Instead, it intends to be a B2B company, aiding other companies in industrial-scale production of cultured meat. After patenting its technology, the company will license it to manufacturers.

MeaTech successfully printed a piece of cultured beef in August, and launched a company aimed at developing cultured chicken in September. Just last week, Meat-Tech announced it planned to acquire Peace of Meat, a Belgian company producing cultured animal fat. It has already invested €1M in the company and will fully acquire it over the course of two years, subject to a final agreement.

Peace of Meat
©Peace of Meat

The company is also creating a subsidiary working on cultured fish, and aims to 3D print a larger piece of meat in 2021. Currently, the company has no products on the market, and it estimates that none will be available for at least six years.

According to Meat-Tech, it is targeting the US as its primary market, which explains why it has filed for an IPO in the country. Currently, there are no public cultured meat companies in the US, but JUST has hinted that it is considering an IPO. The company is working on cultured chicken as well as its plant-based egg alternative.

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