Weis Promotes Vegan Lifestyle

Weis supermarkets have launched a campaign to inform customers about vegan products and healthy nutrition. This is intended to promote their vegan product range and introduce consumers to health information about a plant-based diet.

Consumers will not be taught how to become vegan; instead, they will be shown that most products can be used as a healthy supplement to meals. The aim is to support a plant-based diet step by step. The range includes quinoa, frozen fruits, various vegetables, beans, lentils, cereal rice (e.g. spelt rice), noodles, muesli, bread made from special wheat, soy, almond milk, healthy oils, selected nuts and tea.

Specific recipe suggestions have been designed to make the range more attractive. In addition, extensive labelling with symbols on product packaging should make it easier to identify allergens and encourage consumers to buy vegan products.

Weis is also organizing a campaign at a primary school to distribute the magazine “HealthyBites Magazine”, with topics on vegan nutrition, free of charge.

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