Nature's Fynd fungi-based yogurts

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Nature’s Fynd Launches “World’s First” Fungi-Based Yogurt at Whole Foods

Chicago-based food company Nature’s Fynd has developed what it claims is the world’s first fungi-based yogurt. The dairy-free product, which is described as “delightfully thick and creamy”, is made from the company’s nutritional and sustainable Fy protein. Packaged in single-serving containers, the yogurt is available in three flavors — strawberry, peach, and vanilla. It contains 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and live active cultures, while also being free of allergens such as nuts, soy, and gluten. All three flavors are available at Whole Foods stores US-wide from January. Fy protein is produced through the fermentation of a type of fungi that originates in Yellowstone National Park; the process uses just a fraction of the resources required by traditional agriculture. The new yogurts …


PlantBaby Kiki Milk lineup

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PlantBaby Celebrates 3rd Anniversary, Doubling YOY Revenue with $6M in Sales Amid Global Expansion

PlantBaby, a producer of plant-based child nutrition products, is celebrating its third anniversary with substantial revenue growth and an upcoming partnership set to expand its reach globally. Launched in 2021, the company claims it has doubled its revenue yearly, reporting an impressive $6 million in the first two years. The company’s flagship product, Kiki Milk, has been a significant contributor to its success. Since its launch in December 2021, the company has been expanding its retail presence in the US, with a recent rollout in nearly 100 Wegman’s Food Markets, along with the addition of new product offerings, and now Kiki Milk is set to make a global impact. A strategic partnership with iHerb will facilitate Kiki Milk’s availability in over 180 countries.  Alex Abelin, co-founder …


Webinar Recap: Proteins and Fibres – Identifying Winning Solutions with KaTech Ingredient Solutions

Discover the intricate world of plant-based product development in our latest webinar recording, titled ‘Proteins and Fibers: Understanding the Essentials for Plant-based Formulations’. Jocelyn Hernandez, Senior Project Manager at KaTech, takes you through the complexities and nuances of selecting the right proteins and fibers for exceptional plant-based products. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always display content from YouTube Open “KaTech Webinar – Proteins and fibres: Understanding the essentials for plant based formulatio” directly Navigating the Diverse Landscape of Plant Proteins and Fibers The webinar explores the vast variety of proteins and fibers available, from fava bean and chickpea proteins to apple, bamboo, and citrus fibers. Learn how these ingredients differ in functionality and …


Leading plant-based milk brands urge Swedish government to push for change in EU School Scheme Review

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Oatly, Alpro, DUG, Planti, and More Urge Swedish Government to Push for Plant-Based Milk in EU School Scheme Review

Oatly, Alpro (Danone), DUG (Veg of Lund), Planti, Oddlygood, and Sproud, under the umbrella of Plant-based Sweden (Växtbaserat Sverige), have sent a letter to the Swedish government urging it to advocate for the inclusion of plant-based milk in the upcoming review of the EU School Scheme. Currently, the EU School Scheme aids over 20 million European children by providing them with milk, fruit, and vegetables. However, it does not encompass milk alternatives, even though numerous children are unable or unwilling to consume dairy due to medical, ethical, taste, or environmental concerns. Last year, ProVeg and The Vegan Society collected tens of thousands of signatures calling for the EU to add plant-based milk to the scheme. The Green REV Institute also issued an open letter calling for plant milk in schools, arguing that …


Ripple Foods half & half

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Ripple Foods Raises $49 Million in Latest Funding Round

According to a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing, alt-dairy producer Ripple Foods has raised $49 million in funding, as first reported by Forbes. Founded in 2014, Ripple Food uses protein from sustainably produced yellow peas, claiming to use significantly less water than dairy and other dairy alternatives. The company’s product lineup includes vegan ice cream, plant-based milk, kids’ milk, protein shakes, and dairy-free half and half, all made from pea protein. In 2021, the company announced a $60 million Series E funding round, exceeding its capital raise goals, with plans to accelerate innovation and growth across product categories and expand into new channels and global markets. The funding round seems to have paid off, with the company extending its product lineups with the launch of its Oatmilk + Protein milk last …


Armored Fresh american cheese slices almond

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Armored Fresh Expands Retail Presence, Disrupting $2.4 Billion US Cheese Slice Market

Food tech alt dairy company Armored Fresh is expanding the US retail footprint for its Almond Milk American Cheese Slices with new partnerships established Fresh Thyme Market, Town and Country Foods, Fred Meyer, and more. Armored Fresh specializes in crafting alternative dairy products using “patented fermentation” to overcome the taste barrier and meltability challenges commonly associated with plant-based cheeses. After launching the product online earlier this year, these new retail partnerships will help make Armored Fresh’s plant-based cheese products more accessible to a wider audience. Rudy Yoo, CEO of Armored Fresh, states, “We are on a mission to bring zero dairy cheeses to the masses, so everyone can enjoy what we love about cheese, regardless of [whether] they are plant-based or not.” Disrupting a multi-billion …


Valsoia award-winning gelato

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Valsoia: Pioneering Plant-Based Foods & Award-Winning Gelato From Italy

Valsoia is an Italian brand founded in 1990 by neurologist Lorenzo Sassoli, who believed that a balanced plant-based diet is beneficial for the body, well-being, and mood. The company aims to improve quality of life by producing healthier alternatives to traditional Italian foods, with no sacrifice in flavour or texture. Valsoia initially offered plant-based drinks, hazelnut spreads, and meat alternatives, before expanding into yogurts and gelato. Valsoia’s meat and dairy alternatives are now widely available across major Italian retailers, and have expanded into over 40 countries. In Sweden, Spain, and Germany, they are available at stores such as Coop, Bon Preu, El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, and Rewe; in the UK, the brand has launched at online supermarket Ocado. Valsoia is also seeing successful sales results …


NotCo launches NotMilk Barista

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Global Plant-Based Milk Market to Grow at 11.7% CAGR, Reaching Value of $47.55Bn

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global plant-based milk market will be worth $47.55 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 11.7%. The high prevalence of lactose intolerance and milk allergies will be a key market driver, along with increased health awareness. Environmental concerns and increased support from governments and investors will also benefit the industry. However, fluctuating raw material prices and consumer preferences for animal-based dairy products could restrain the market. Allergies to soy, nuts, and grains could also pose a challenge. By type, oat milk is expected to register the highest growth rate over the forecast period, as it is soy-free, low in fat, and can be made gluten-free. Its neutral taste and rising consumer awareness of the health benefits of …


Bunge, a global food and agribusiness company, introduces Beleaf PlantBetter, a plant-based butter designed for bakery applications.

Image courtesy of Bunge

Bunge Introduces Plant-Based Butter for “Superior-Tasting” Commercial Baking

Looking to set a new standard in the plant-based foods landscape, Bunge, a global food and agribusiness company, has introduced Beleaf PlantBetter, a “superior-tasting” and sustainable plant-based butter designed for bakery applications. Bunge claims that PlantBetter mimics the taste, texture, and melting behavior of traditional butter to offer manufacturers a versatile solution for plant-based bakery. The NPD is described as a clean-label alternative made with natural ingredients, such as coconut, cocoa butter, rapeseed, and lecithins. Regarding sustainability, Bunge explains that PlantBetter’s carbon footprint halves standard dairy butter emissions and that these figures have been verified by a third-party study conducted by the Terra Institute. Game-changing innovation According to Bunge, the growing demand for plant-based dairy and the increasing instability in butter prices have created opportunities …


The Coconut Collab new barista milk lifestyle shot

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London’s Coconut Collab Launches “Game-Changing” Barista-Style M!LK

The Coconut Collab, founded in 2014 by entrepreneur James Averdieck, former founder of Gü, announces the addition of M!LK™ to its existing range of dairy-free yogurts, creams, and puddings. Initially launching at Ocado with a wider retailer rollout planned from January 2024, M!LK is said to offer a perfect froth while not altering the taste profile of tea or other beverages. The brand describes it as a “game-changing, barista-style M!LK™ that looks, tastes, and behaves just like its dairy counterparts”. The Coconut Collab has seen continued success over recent years and claims its natural yogurt is presently the UK’s leading dairy-free coconut yogurt. Its Double Cre&m has been served at the Wimbledon tennis championships for the last two years and is also available at Tesco …


Bauer Zum Gluck range

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EXCLUSIVE: Dairy Company Bauer & Kern Tec Launch ZUM GLÜCK! Alt Dairy Range Using Upcycled Apricot Kernels

German dairy group Bauer, founded in 1887, one of the leading dairy companies in Germany with a turnover of more than €600 million, announces to vegconomist it has partnered with Austria’s Kern Tec for the development of a range of dairy alternative products under the newly formed “ZUM GLÜCK!” brand, with an innovative flavour based on apricot kernels – an upcycled product from fruit cultivation. ZUM GLÜCK! (translating as “fortunately” or “luckily”) will launch in January 2024, offering a comprehensive range of plant-based indulgence products exclusively on the German market. “We are looking forward to launching our new plant-based Bauer brand “ZUM GLÜCK!”. With “ZUM GLÜCK!”, we are exclusively offering a top plant-based range with an innovative flavour based on upcycled apricot kernels. To this …


Vitasoy Australia

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Vitasoy Australia Forecasts Highest Ever Annual Plant Milk Production

Alt milk company Vitasoy Australia is expecting its highest ever annual production volumes, as demand for dairy alternatives continues to grow in the country. According to ABC, the company will produce around 70 million litres of plant-based milk at its facility in Victoria this year, up sevenfold since the site began operations in 2002. Originally exclusively a soy milk producer, Vitasoy now offers a wide range of plant milks, including oat, almond, coconut, and rice. The company also launched a range of plant-based yogurts last year. For the past five years, almond milk has been Vitasoy Australia’s most popular variety of plant milk, but oat is poised to take over. Chief Executive David Tyack told ABC that the demand for oat milk had “gone absolutely …



Image courtesy of Alpro

Danone Puts €2 Price Cap on Alpro Milk in Belgium to Boost Category

French multinational Danone announces a campaign in Belgium where it will cap prices for Alpro plant milks (Oat and Almond, with and without sugar), at €2, representing a reduction of between 20% and 40%, depending on the retailer. The manufacturer has signed a commercial deal with food distributors to agree on the price cap. “Of course, it is the retailers who set the selling prices, but they have all undertaken to take part in the action and not to charge consumers more than €2 for the next six weeks”, Olivier Rabartin, sales director at Danone Belux, explained to Belgium’s Retail Detail. “We have reached a commercial agreement with our customers. The discussions were not easy, especially at the beginning, but they are playing the game,” …


Silk Launches NextMilk Dairy Lovers


US: Most Alt Milk Consumers Do Not Follow a Plant-Based Diet

In a US consumer survey for Q3 2023, consumer research firm Brightfield Group has uncovered insights into the motivations of different demographics for choosing alt milks. As reported by The Food Institute, the survey shows that digestive health is the most common motivator across all age groups, cited by 38.1% of consumers. This is followed by allergies or intolerances and a desire for variety, both at 23%. 22.6% of consumers believe plant milks have a better nutritional profile, while 19.1% prefer their taste over dairy. The vast majority of alt milk consumers are not vegan or plant-based; just 4.8% cite this as a motivation, though this figure is slightly higher among Millennials (7.2%) and Gen Z (6.3%). 44.5% of consumers say they do not conform …


Henrik Lund, founder & CEO of Naturli

Henrik Lund © NATURLI’ Foods

Naturli: “We Are Convinced That We Have the Best Vegan Butter on the Market”

The Danish brand NATURLI’, a subsidiary of the Norwegian group Orkla, has been respected for its 100% plant-based products based on selected organic ingredients since its foundation in 1988. The NATURLI’ range now includes a wide range of vegan foods and beverages, including vegan ice cream, vegan yogurt, and meat alternatives, in addition to its famous butter. In the past few months, NATURLI’ has successfully built up its own sales department for the food service sector, among other things, and would like to focus even more on this area in the future. The company was also represented at the last ANUGA, the world’s leading trade fair for food and beverages in Cologne, where it presented a number of new product innovations. We spoke in an …


Ai Zhi Wei oat latte

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Taiwanese Government Establishes Plant Milk Research and Development Center

Taiwan’s Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) has established a Plant Milk Research and Development Center to develop plant-based milk products in partnership with the drink company Ai Zhi Wei, as reported by Taiwan News.  Other goals of the new center include the improvement of Taiwan’s supply chain of raw and semi-processed agricultural for plant-based and exploring biotechnology to develop protein-rich milk alternatives with enhanced nutritional value. Ai Zhi Wei, owned by the Nice Group, is a famous brand in the country that offers beverages, including a wide range of cold teas and oat, peanut, soy, and walnut milk dairy products. At the innovation center, the company will combine its extensive experience in the beverage industry with the scientists at FIRDI to create innovative and nutritious plant-based milk products …


Elmlea plant-based brandy cream

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Elmlea Launches Plant-Based Brandy Flavoured Cream for the Festive Season

Elmlea, a UK brand of cream alternatives owned by Upfield, is expanding its dairy-free range with a new product for the festive season — plant-based brandy flavoured cream. Like Elmlea’s existing dairy-free double cream alternative, the product is made from lentil protein and vegetable oils. It is free of alcohol, soy, oats, and gluten, and is said to “deliver all the indulgence and flavour notes of traditional brandy cream”. The cream alternative can be poured or whipped, and is said to be ideal for topping festive desserts. Elmlea was founded in 1984, offering cream alternatives made from vegetable oils and buttermilk. The aim was to provide a product with a longer shelf life that would not split when used in cooking. The brand is now …


bettermoo(d) Moodrink product

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bettermoo(d) Announces Significant Retail Collaboration with Whole Foods Canada

Vancouver-based bettermoo(d) announces a significant retail collaboration with Whole Foods Market which the company states is expected to result in the availability of its Moodrink product nationwide in retailers across Canada. News of the retail deal closely follows the company’s partnership with United Natural Food Canada through which it gained access to over 5,000 points of sale. Moodrink, its flagship product, is an oat-based milk free from added gums and sugar, offering functional, mood-enhancing ingredients; a “special herbal blend that mimics the delicious dairy products of Europe’s alpine regions, true to the motto “What A Cow Eats and A Human Needs”.” Radical innovator bettermoo(d) states that the product’s USP is its high vegetable protein content and ability to produce barista-quality foam, which it claims sets …


Wesson Plant Butter

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Leading US Cooking Oil Producer Wesson Launches New Plant Butters

In a significant move to diversify its product offerings and meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, Wesson, one of America’s top-selling plant-based oil brands, has introduced a line of plant-based butters. These new products mark the brand’s debut in the refrigerated aisle of select retailers in the Northeastern United States.  Wesson’s Plant Butters debut in Original and Olive Oil, which the company says have already received praise from taste testers, with 91 percent of blind taste testers expressing a likelihood of purchasing these plant-based butter alternatives.  Established in 1899, Wesson remains a prominent name in American kitchens, with a product lineup that includes Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, and Best Blend, combining canola and soybean oil. The brand is owned by Richardson International, …


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Proteins and Fibres: Identifying Winning Solutions with KaTech Ingredient Solutions

Proteins and fibres are the building blocks of current plant-based development strategies. But with so much choice, how can manufacturers select the right ingredients for the best results? It’s a question of taking an integrated approach, as Jocelyn Hernandez, senior project manager at KaTech, explains. With so many different types of proteins and fibres now available, identifying which to use in product formulations has never been more challenging. The sheer scale and scope of global supply means that functionality and characteristics can vary enormously. And that’s before you factor in differences between producers and processes within categories that range from fava bean and chickpea proteins to apple, bamboo and citrus fibres. This level of complexity means that having a comprehensive understanding of plant proteins and …