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India’s PBFIA Calls for Plant-Based Milk Labeling Restrictions to Be Eased

Speaking at the Plant Based Foods Summit in New Delhi on May 21, India’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) has called for the easing of labeling restrictions that currently prevent the use of the word “milk” on plant-based product packaging. Currently, milk alternatives sold in India are required to be labeled with the disclaimer “This is not dairy”, and the use of any dairy terms on their packaging is banned. But Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director of PBFIA, urged the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to reconsider. This would not be unprecedented; in the US, the FDA released draft guidance last year stating that milk alternatives can be called “milk”, in recognition of the fact that this terminology is commonly used by …


Lactalis Canada launches plant-based brand 'Enjoy'

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The World’s Leading Dairy Company Launches a Plant-Based Brand Called ‘Enjoy!’

Lactalis Canada, a subsidiary of Lactalis Group — the world’s leading dairy company, headquartered in Laval, France — has launched a plant-based brand called Enjoy!. Lactalis Canada is known for household names in dairy including Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Balderson, Astro, and Lactantia. The brand is already on the Canadian market and has debuted with a line of high protein, unsweetened, plant-based beverages, featuring six SKUs: Unsweetened Oat, Unsweetened Oat Vanilla, Unsweetened Almond, Unsweetened Almond Vanilla, Unsweetened Hazelnut, and Unsweetened Hazelnut & Oat. The brand’s new website states that the drinks are certified non-GMO, with paper-based packaging certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and that the products offer 8 grams of pea protein per 250 mL. ESG goals With meat and dairy representing one …


Danone expands Alpro range as part of strategic move towards plant-based

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Danone Continues “Strategic Move Towards Plant-Based” With New High Protein Alpro Products

As the company continues to move towards plant-based foods, multinational food corporation Danone has recently launched a range of new dairy-free products in the UK under its Alpro brand. Earlier this year, Danone completed the conversion of one of its dairy yogurt production facilities in France into an oat milk facility. The conversion was announced in 2021 as the market for plant-based products continued its trajectory. As initially reported by The Grocer, Alpro has launched four new Plant Protein products — drinks in chocolate and original flavours and yogurt alternatives in red fruit and tropical fruit varieties. The range will be supported by a major £2 million marketing campaign running from April to June. Additionally, Alpro has introduced smaller pack sizes for two popular milk …


ReRooted plant-based milk delivery service

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Zero-Waste Plant-Based Milk Delivery Service ReRooted Expands to Plymouth

ReRooted, an organic plant-based milk delivery service based in the south-west of England, has expanded to the city of Plymouth. Customers in the city can now have a range of sustainable milk alternatives delivered to their doors — varieties include almond, cashew, oat barista, coconut, hazelnut, and cold brew. ReRooted prides itself on using a higher percentage of the primary ingredient than most plant-based milk producers; for example, its almond milk is made with 8% almonds, compared to just 1% for many other brands. The zero-waste milk alternatives are delivered in glass bottles, which the company collects when empty and reuses. Deliveries are made using electric vehicles, and the business is entirely powered by renewable energy. All ingredients are organic, and sourced locally wherever possible. …


Crème de la Crème ice cream

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Greenyard Acquires Belgian Plant-Based Ice Cream Producer Crème de la Crème

Global fresh produce supplier Greenyard has announced the acquisition of Crème de la Crème, a Belgian food tech company producing plant-based ice cream and frozen desserts. Crème de la Crème has 25 years of experience in the sector and has developed hundreds of plant-based ice creams, including for major companies such as Alpro and Carrefour. The products are sold as far afield as the Middle East and East Asia. Last year, Greenyard acquired Italian plant-based ice cream producer Gigi, which has developed a unique method of replacing cream with plant fibres. Through the acquisitions, Greenyard says it aims to offer a range of plant-based products “for any moment of the day”. “We are happy to integrate the Crème de la Crème team into the Greenyard …


MYOM oat paste


MYOM Launches “Sensational” Paste That Turns Into Ultra-Sustainable Oat Milk

MYOM is a UK-based company that has developed an innovative way to make oat milk even more environmentally friendly. The company offers a shelf-stable oat paste that turns into “sensational, full-bodied” oat milk when combined with water. Each recyclable 65g pouch produces 500ml of oat milk, and refrigeration is only required once the milk has been made. The product helps to reduce the packaging waste associated with conventional plant-based milks, which in turn reduces transport emissions. According to MYOM, this makes the oat blend “one of the most sustainable milk alternatives in the world”. It could also reduce food waste among consumers and food service outlets that only require small quantities of oat milk. The company surveyed regular oat milk consumers and found that 73% …


Mililk Packaging shot

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Veganz Supplies its ‘Mililk’ Printed Oat Milk Discs to Rewe

Veganz Group AG is now producing its latest food innovation Mililk, a patented milk alternative from the 2D printer, in-house for the Rewe Group. Under the Food For Future and Rewe Bio brands, the Bio Mililk Barista is available nationally in more than 3,700 Rewe stores and in all 2,000 Penny Stores. Delivery has already begun. Veganz Group AG is thus continuing its strategic expansion into a manufacturing company for vegan innovations. Mililk alternative Last July, Veganz announced the start of production of its new plant-based milk alternative “Mililk” at its new production site in Ludwigsfelde. In addition to sales to end consumers via the online shop, Veganz also offers its oat milk product to catering customers. Mililk is produced using a specially developed 2D …


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Kagome Takes Over Blue Diamond Almond Breeze in Japan, Will Launch New Products in September

Blue Diamond Growers, which claims to be the world’s largest almond marketer and processor, has announced that Kagome Co Ltd, known as a manufacturer and distributor of tomato-based foods, and fruit and vegetable juices, will now operate all production and distribution in Japan. Blue Diamond intends to utilize Kagome’s market knowledge to increase sales and consumption of Almond Breeze in Japan. The new partnership will focus on accelerating market growth and increasing demand for Almond Breeze, and additionally, new products will also be launched through Kagome in September of this year. Almond’s popularity in Japan The almond milk category in Japan continues to see year-on-year growth and almond is one of the most preferred plant milk in the country after soy. “The growth of the …


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How Bauer and Kern Tec Turn Apricot Kernels into Plant-Based Milk

The private dairy Bauer launched a range of plant-based drinks, yogurt alternatives and puddings at the beginning of 2024 under the ZUM GLÜCK! brand. The products are based on ingredients made from apricot kernels, an upcycled product from fruit farming. Here, Privatmolkerei Bauer is cooperating with the Austrian startup Kern Tec, which has created an innovative ready-to-use solution for the food industry from previously unused fruit kernels. We spoke to Frank Mayerhofer (Director of Marketing & Innovation) and Sascha Leiser (Sales Director Brand) from Privatmolkerei Bauer as well as Michael Beitl (founder of Kern Tec) about the new brand, product development, and the successful collaboration. Why did Privatmolkerei Bauer decide to launch a vegan brand? How does this fit into the company’s long-term strategy in …



Is Oat Milk Unhealthy? Examining Viral Social Media Nutrition Claims

In recent years, oat milk has risen from obscurity to become the plant-based milk of choice for many consumers worldwide, and is arguably the milk alternative most commonly offered in cafes and coffee shops. But over the past year, viral social media posts and tabloid-style news articles have claimed that oat milk is deficient in nutrients, and have blamed the milk alternative for health issues such as bloating and blood sugar spikes. Here, we take a look at some of these claims. Is oat milk high in sugar? Many oat milk brands do not contain added sugar, but the way they are produced does allow the natural sugars in oats to be absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream compared to eating whole oats. However, cow’s …


Oddlygood Barista and desserts roll out into Asda

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Oddlygood Arrives in Asda UK with Dreamy Desserts & Flavoured Barista Oat Drinks

Oddlygood, a spinoff of Valio, a renowned Finnish food company, this week rolls out its Barista Oat Drinks — already a best-selling range in Europe –as well as two varieties of its Dreamy Desserts, into Asda in the UK. The products are all free of gluten and palm oil and the milks offer “amazing foamability”, thanks to having one of the highest protein contents in the segment, according to the brand, of around 1.2g/100g. The Barista drinks launch into Asda in Salted Caramel and Vanilla, marking their UK debut, and the desserts launch in the varieties Dreamy Lemon Dessert and Dreamy Berries Dessert. Oddlygood’s original Barista Oat Drink will also be available in Asda stores from June. The launch comes as part of the brand’s …


New portion sized format for Oatly

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Oatly Becomes First Plant Milk Served in Swiss Rail with New Portioned Product Format

Oatly is cooperating with Swiss Federal Railways SBB and is now offering special portion sizes of its oat drink in all dining carriages. The Oatly Oat Drink for Coffee and Tea portion size is the smallest format of Oatly oat drinks to date. These portion sizes offer an alternative to larger packs, aim to reduce food waste, and have been designed for use in a catering environment, Oatly explains. Oatly becomes the first vegan milk in the SBB range and is to be offered in all 160 dining carriages. The vegan milk alternative will be available for coffee and tea at no extra charge. Following the cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, this is another milestone for Oatly and follows its mission to make the switch to …


Coop alt milk made from apricot kernels

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Coop Switzerland Partners With Kern Tec & Emmi to Offer Milk Made From Apricot Kernels

Swiss supermarket chain Coop has partnered with Austria’s Kern Tec and Swiss dairy manufacturer Emmi Group to develop a milk alternative made from apricot kernels. The Karma Kernel Apricot Drink is said to have a similar taste to almond milk, since apricots and almonds are related. It helps to prevent food waste and reduce carbon emissions by making use of European apricot pits produced as a byproduct of fruit processing. The drink is free of gluten and lactose, has no added sugar, and is enriched with calcium and vitamins. It is now available at Coop stores across Switzerland. Coop also offers whole apricot kernels as a snack food, along with a chocolate spread made from apricot kernels. Both products are sold under the chain’s Karma …


Errigal Bay facility

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Irish Shellfish Producer to Open Oat Milk Facility Following Decline in Demand for Seafood

Irish shellfish producer Errigal Bay is set to open an oat milk facility in the county of Donegal, citing decreased demand for seafood and a growing market for plant-based products. The facility will be located next to one of Errigal Bay’s existing seafood processing facilities, in an area originally intended as a seafood cold store. However, the cold store is no longer needed due to changing market conditions; in a recently approved planning application, Errigal Bay noted that the loading on its existing facility has reduced in recent years, since “seafood production has experienced a decline in demand”. Consequently, the company intends to protect its existing employees and create further job opportunities by entering the plant-based sector. The new facility will also help to support …


Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day's whey protein, has launched in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open.

Image courtesy of Strive FREEMILK

Strive Milk is Served at the Miami Open, Becoming First Animal-Free Milk at Major Sporting Event

Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day‘s sustainable whey protein, is being served in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open. This launch represents the first animal-free milk made with precision fermentation protein served at a major sporting event, marking a huge milestone for the alt dairy category, gaining mainstream visibility and recognition beyond just being available online or in stores. Strive Nutrition Corp., the company behind Strive FREEMILK, states that its “milk-like” product will revolutionize the coffee experience at the Miami Open thanks to its rich flavor, high protein content, sustainability, and ethical standards. MichaelAnn Cohlmia, Creative Director at Strive Nutrition, shared, “We are thrilled to introduce Strive FREEMILK to the tennis fans and coffee enthusiasts …


Oatly and Barry's

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Oatly and Barry’s Partner to Launch Unsweetened Oatmilk in Fitness Studios Nationwide

Oatly has partnered with boutique fitness brand Barry’s to introduce one of its latest products, Unsweetened Oatmilk, to Fuel Bar offerings within Barry’s studios across the United States. This is the first of Oatly’s products available at Fuel Bars, which serves muscle-building and recovery shakes to Barry’s patrons, along with on-the-go snacks. Starting from March 18 and extending to April 22, customers of the 40 Barry’s locations nationwide will have the opportunity to customize their shakes with Oatly’s Unsweetened Oatmilk. Additionally, a special post-workout shake named “That Shake with Oatly In It” will be available. Crafted with a newly developed proprietary oat base, which was initially launched in January, this unsweetened version of Oatly’s oat milk contains no sugar and has only 40 calories per …


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Califia Farms Launches Plant-Based Creamers in Lavender, Brown Sugar and Vanilla

Califia Farms, based in Bakersfield, California, announces the launch of plant-based creamers in three flavors: lavender, brown sugar, and vanilla. The creamers are USDA-certified and made with simple ingredients without gums or oils. The almond-based creamers, available in a 25.4-ounce refrigerated format, debuted at this week’s Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim, California. The creamers are the latest addition to the brand’s organic line, following Organic Almond Milk and Organic Oat Milk, which launched in January 2023. Most recently the company launched Califia Farms Complete, a plant-based milk designed to match the nutritional profile of dairy milk while containing 50% less sugar, just this week. The range will soon be expanded to include organic coconut milk and organic vanilla almond milk. Califia Farms was …



New Zealand’s ANDFOODS Raises $2.7M for Legume-Based Dairy Alternatives

New Zealand startup ANDFOODS, a spinoff from Massey University and the Riddet Institute, has raised $2.7 million in seed funding for its technology to produce legume-based dairy alternatives. The startup has developed plant-based creams and milk powders, produced by using fermentation to remove flavour off-notes while retaining excellent nutritional benefits and functional properties. The creams are claimed to have “eclipsed all other plant-based creams” in testing, with an overrun (ability to take on air and maintain shape) comparable to the UHT dairy creams used by commercial kitchens and food manufacturers. The products are also allergen-free. The funding round was led by Icehouse Ventures, and the capital will be used to commercialise the dairy alternatives and accelerate R&D. ANDFOODS launched less than a year ago, but …


New Zealand's premium infant nutrition company, Heaven, has launched what it claims is the world's first 100% oat-based toddler drink, Heaven Oat.

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New Zealand’s Haven Launches “World’s First” 100% Oat-Based Toddler Drink

New Zealand’s premium infant nutrition company Haven has launched what it claims is the world’s first 100% oat-based toddler drink, Heaven Oat, for dairy-intolerant children and plant-based parenting. Haven Oat is said to provide the same levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals as the company’s other formulas made with A2 cow and goat milk proteins. Scientifically designed for toddlers aged 12+ months, Haven Oat includes a specific type of oat protein, dairy-free probiotics, and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) obtained from algae to ensure the product is allergen and lactose-free.  In addition, it contains Lutein (an organic pigment) for eye health, 16 essential vitamins, and minerals, and has been formulated for “sensitive tummies.” It does not contain palm, soy, or fish oil. Made in …


Two Opalia product mockups

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Opalia Receives Investment from Dairy Supplier Hoogwegt Group for “Cow-Free” Cell-Based Milk

Opalia, previously BetterMilk, reportedly the only company developing cell-based milk in Canada, has secured CAD$2 million to accelerate the development of its first milk product and establish a commercial strategy. The financial round was led by the Netherlands-based Hoogwegt Group, the world’s largest independent supplier of dairy products and ingredients, operating since 1965 and with a presence in over 130 countries. Other investors including Ahimsa Foundation, Box One Ventures, Cycle Momentum, Kale United, and the Québec government’s Impulsion PME program, also backed the cell-based milk startup. Opalia has received additional funding from Natural Products Canada through its Proof of Concept Program. Jennifer Côté, Opalia’s CEO, shared: “With Hoogwegt leading our round, we’ve not only gained essential customer validation but also tapped into their extensive network and global market expertise, setting …