La Vie plant-based ham campaign

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La Vie “Turns London Pink” With New OOH Campaign Celebrating Its Plant-Based Ham

French brand La Vie is celebrating the success of its plant-based ham with a new OOH advertising campaign in “one of the UK’s most ham-centric cities”, London. La Vie’s ham alternative arrived at Tesco and Ocado earlier this year, and is now one of the top three plant-based ham brands sold at Tesco. The product also recently launched at Waitrose stores UK-wide. To mark this success, some of London’s famous black cabs have been turned pink with the message “Take me to BuckingPlant-Basedham Palace”. Additionally, billboards have appeared around the UK with messages such as “For those who love animals, the planet and kids having a future but can’t give up ham sandwiches”. The aim is to ignite conversations about the significance of plant-based meat …


Image courtesy of ProVeg International

The Flexitarian Strategy – Optimise Your Plant-Based Sales

Flexitarians, not vegans or vegetarians, are the primary target market for plant-based foods, comprising almost half of consumers in many countries and driving most plant-based purchases.[1] With this in mind, shifting focus from the niche vegan market (less than 4% of consumers) to flexitarians can tap into a market over 10 times larger. In its latest New Food Hub article, ProVeg International shares actionable insights for brands and producers, food service businesses, and retailers looking to reach flexitarians. Here, we’ll share strategies for brands and producers looking to optimise their plant-based sales. Strategies for brands and producers When your plant-based product is on a shelf with a hundred other products, how do you encourage a consumer to pick it up? It stems from good branding, …


Impossible Foods marketing campaign

© Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods’ New Ad Campaign Aims to “Solve the Meat Problem with More Meat”

Impossible Foods has unveiled a large-scale marketing campaign alongside its recently refreshed brand identity. The campaign targets meat-eating consumers with a compelling message about the sustainability and benefits of plant-based meats. Under the tagline “We’re solving the meat problem with more meat,” the campaign challenges the deep-rooted habits of meat consumers.  Central to this campaign is a straightforward assessment of meat’s environmental and health impact. According to Impossible Foods, “Meat’s got a big problem. It’s too good. We humans love it too much. And we can’t stop eating it, even though we’re told that eating too much of it is bad for our bodies and will eventually cause us to run out of water and land while filling up our air with carbon emissions. Somehow, …


Chloe Bullock Sustainable Interior Design book

Image courtesy of Chloe Bullock

PETA Award-Winning Designer Chloe Bullock Publishes Sustainable Interior Design Book

Chloe Bullock, a UK interior designer who received last year’s PETA Compassionate Designer award, has written a new book titled Sustainable Interior Design. Printed by RIBA Publishing (the publishing arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects), the book outlines sustainable practices that can reduce the impact of interior design on the planet, animals, and people. It features eleven approaches that can be used as project goals, demonstrated through a range of innovative spaces, products, materials, and supply chains. Examples from around the world are combined with best-practice guidance and information about the benefits of sustainable and regenerative design. Projects include: A circular economy building that can be dismantled and relocated many times Non-toxic alternatives to animal-derived products and materials Regenerative designs to revive culture …


Morningstar Farms and Gallo Salame

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New Study Reveals Key Marketing Differences Between Plant-Based and Animal-Sourced Foods Online

A comprehensive study published in Business Strategy and the Environment by Suzannah Gerber, Sadie R. Dix, and Sean B. Cash, examines the marketing strategies of plant-based foods (PBFs) versus animal-sourced foods (ASFs) in the online grocery market in the United States. The research meticulously analyzed over 16,000 marketing and labeling content observations from seven leading US e-commerce grocery retailers, focusing on top-selling ASFs and closely matched PBFs. The study’s findings reveal several key insights that could significantly influence marketing strategies and regulatory considerations within the food industry. It found PBFs to be more robustly marketed, with an average of 47 claims per product compared to 28 for ASFs, demonstrating a focused effort on promoting product benefits both online and on packaging. PBFs tend to emphasize …


Plant CEO X UnchainedTV

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PLANT CEO to Broadcast on UnchainedTV: Featuring Industry Leaders Matthew Glover, Bernat Añaños, and Ria Rehberg

PLANT CEO, a London-based podcast platform that spotlights leaders in the plant-based sector, has announced a collaborative venture with UnchainedTV, a Los Angeles-based, plant-based streaming TV network. This partnership is set to amplify the narratives of vegan business leaders, allowing them to reach a global audience. Hosted by Anant Joshi, PLANT CEO has become a notable platform for sharing success stories and insights from key figures in the vegan industry. The roster of interviewees features Ria Rehberg, the CEO of Veganuary; Bernat Añaños, the co-founder of Heura Foods; Louie Psihoyos, director of “You Are What You Eat” and Sam Tucker, CEO of VEG3 and executive director of Open Paws.  “We are elated to join forces with UnchainedTV to broaden the impact of our show,” commented Joshi. …


OLALA plant-based seafood brand design


OLALA! Unveils New Brand Design for Alt Seafood That “Breaks Through Ordinary Taste Experiences”

French plant-based seafood startup OLALA! has collaborated with Scandinavian consumer branding and design agency Everland to develop a new brand design centred around taste. While many plant-based brands focus their marketing on the ethics of their products, OLALA! believes taste is the key to repeat purchases. The startup aims to “break through ordinary taste experiences” with products aimed at all gourmet foodies, not just vegans. The new brand design takes inspiration from bistros, with an off-white colour that resembles a tablecloth, eye-catching golden illustrations, and the O in the logo suggesting a plate. The brand name is inspired by the French phrase “Oh là là”, indicating a pleasant surprise. “When nearly all competitors focus on rationality and sustainability, we focus on the emotional aspects of …


Frys Chicken Run nuggets World Food Innovation Awards winner image

© Fry's Family Foods

Fry’s Marketing Campaign with Aardman and Netflix Wins Global Innovation Award

A marketing campaign for plant-based nuggets from Fry Family Foods has been awarded Best Marketing Campaign in the World Food Innovation Awards. The ad was timed to coincide with Veganuary as well as the arrival of the nuggets into retail and the launch of the Chicken Run 2 movie, which touches upon issues thought to inspire many viewers to consider the concept of veganism. The campaign win was announced at an award ceremony at  IFE (International Food and Drink Event) at London’s ExCeL this Monday the 25th of March. The brand belongs to the LIVEKINDLY group, as does Sweden’s Oumph!, which similarly received a marketing accolade in 2022 with its famous Human Meat campaign for Halloween, which again causes the public to question their choices and …


Cauldron Foods announces new plant-based products and rebrand

© Cauldron Foods

Cauldron Foods Announces Colourful Rebrand and New Plant-Based Products

UK meat-free brand Cauldron Foods (not to be confused with Australian fermentation company Cauldron) has announced a full rebrand with updated packaging, as well as a selection of new plant-based products. This includes two new vegetable-based centre-plate options — Spinach & Carrot Veggie Bakes and Pumpkin & Caramelised Onion Veggie Bakes — which will debut at Asda from April 4, followed by Tesco and Waitrose. Additionally, Cauldon is introducing a new Extra Firm Tofu block, launching at Asda from April 8 and then at Sainsbury’s. Updated packaging The colourful new packaging will roll out from March 25, including for classic Cauldron products such as the brand’s authentic tofu and falafel. (According to Cauldron, Circana data indicates that the falafel is the UK’s No. 1 plant-based …


Woman shopper influenced by nudging

Image courtesy of ProVeg International

Nudging Toward Sustainable Consumption – the Power of Choice Architecture

Within the ever-evolving world of consumer behaviour, nudging has surfaced as a powerful tool for guiding decisions towards sustainability. Nudges are capable of amplifying product allure, streamlining purchasing processes, and providing consumers with feedback regarding their purchase choices. Marketing professionals can make subtle use of factors that influence consumers’ purchase decisions, these include product design, pricing, labelling, product placement, promotions, and other persuasive marketing material. In its latest New Food Hub case study, ProVeg International explores key studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of nudging in encouraging consumers to make environmentally conscious and plant-based food choices. Key terms Nudging Nudging, as defined by Pelle Guldborg Hansen et al. (2016), is a strategic approach aimed at influencing decision-making processes by shaping the environment in which choices are …


EatDifferently Dairy Campaign

© Eat Differently

Eat Differently Launches Huge Billboard Campaign Across LA Exposing Falsehoods Peddled by Dairy Industry

A new campaign by Eat Differently, a public service resource encouraging plant-based eating, is challenging long-held consumer beliefs about the dairy industry. Titled “Got My Mom’s Milk? I Didn’t,” the campaign seeks to expose the often glossed-over realities of dairy cows and their calves and foster a broader understanding of dairy production practices.  With over 20 billboards strategically placed in key locations around Los Angeles, including the highly trafficked 405 Freeway, the Hollywood and Highland intersection, and near the Los Angeles International Airport, the campaign is anticipated to have high visibility.  Lori Amos, founder of Scout 22, an advertising agency working with Eat Differently, articulated the campaign’s core message: “The messaging featured in this campaign negates the falsehoods that have been peddled by the dairy …


Impossible Foods Burger King

Alex Swanda © Impossible Foods

Burger King’s Million Dollar Whopper Campaign Features Customizable Impossible Whoppers

Burger King’s latest promotional venture, the Million Dollar Whopper Campaign, will feature the Impossible Burger patty, allowing the option to create 100% plant-based burgers as part of the contest. The campaign offers Burger King patrons the opportunity to design their ultimate Whopper, with the chance to win a $1 million prize. The contest, which is open for entries through March 17, encourages participants to explore over 200,000 possible combinations to create their dream Whopper. For the first time, customers can opt for the Impossible Burger patty, enabling the creation of entirely plant-based versions of the popular sandwich. Participants can submit their unique Whopper designs via Burger King’s website or the BK App, utilizing a Royal Perks account. Each submission will be transformed by artificial intelligence …


© vegconomist

Introducing Cultivated X: The B2B News Magazine About Cellular Agriculture

vegconom GmbH – publisher of leading business magazine for the plant-based market, vegconomist – announces its latest online publication with the launch of new B2B news platform, Cultivated X.  Cultivated X is a new B2B magazine focused on cellular agriculture, covering global news and developments in the cell-cultured space, encompassing foods and beverages; materials; policies, laws and regulations; technologies; companies, startups and people; and more. The target readership of the English-language trade magazine will be decision-makers with a vested interest in being informed, quickly and comprehensively, about the background and progress of the rapidly developing market for the cellular production of ingredients and products traditionally produced with the use of animals. According to leading experts, these emerging production methods will disrupt factory farming within the …


animal vs plant proteins

Image courtesy of The Freedom Food Alliance

Guest Post: Daily Mail Distorts Outcome Of Major Study Showing Benefits of Plant Protein

Robbie Lockie, co-founder of Plant-Based News, recently established the Freedom Food Alliance in order to counteract widespread disinformation in the media regarding the food system. In this piece, Robbie describes one of the myriad examples of information being distorted to fit the purposes of the mainstream narrative. A recent article published in the Daily Mail online was based on the “quoting out of context” fallacy and is particularly misleading because it quotes a legitimate, scientific study, but distorts its results to serve the author’s points. In her article, Health Reporter Emily Joshu issues a warning to vegans: animal proteins are crucial for healthy aging and a vegan diet is harmful for overall health. As evidence for these claims, Joshu references a study led by Tufts …


Daiya Foods Fromage Forgery

© Daiya Foods

Daiya Introduces “Fromage Forgery” with Actor Lionel Boyce in a Nod to Dupe Culture

Daiya, a leading dairy-free brand, has launched “Fromage Forgery,” a marketing campaign to promote the newly launched formula, introducing its newly revamped dairy-free cheese to a wider audience in collaboration with actor Lionel Boyce, known for his work on the award-winning series “The Bear”. The initiative plays off the ‘dupe culture’ trend, which has been prevalent in other sectors such as fashion and beauty, and involves product alternatives that closely resemble original luxury items. The company marked this initiative in downtown New York City, where over 350 people gathered to experience Daiya’s cheese alternative with its proprietary Daiya Oat Cream™ blend and its ability to mimic traditional dairy cheese in both taste and texture. The product’s “cheese dupe status” was showcased through a simple yet …


© Komo Plant Based Foods

Why it’s Imperative for Meat-Free Products in Canada to Target Meat-Eaters

A recent survey conducted by food services management company Sodexo Canada finds that while a huge proportion (74%) of Canadians are unwilling to completely give up meat — significantly higher than the global average of 42% — followed by 67% for fish and 54% for dairy, almost half (46%) are interested in reducing animal proteins for plant proteins and 46% are willing to reduce their intake of dairy products. Ultimately, this data as well as the further data below evidences that Canadian consumers refuse to quit animal products but do have a desire to replace some meat and dairy with animal-free alternatives. Producers and marketers should therefore strive to make this easy for the consumer and target the flexitarian group with inclusive language and marketing. …


NotCo Not So Happy Animal Campaign

© NotCo

NotCo Launches Innovative AR Campaign to Challenge Perceptions of Animal-Based Food Logos

Food-tech company NotCo, recognized for its use of AI to craft plant-based alternatives, has launched an innovative campaign titled “Not So Happy Animals.” This initiative aims to challenge the presence of seemingly joyous animal logos in the fast-food industry, shedding light on the often overlooked realities behind these symbols. The campaign, debuting today across the United States and Mexico, employs Augmented Reality (AR) technology, creating an immersive and interactive experience for users. By visiting on their mobile devices, consumers can scan animal logos they encounter in various public spaces. The AR technology is designed to recognize and animate logos featuring animals, ranging from well-known brands like Chick-fil-A to smaller establishments such as Mr. C’s Fried Chicken and Waffles. Once scanned, these logos are transformed …


woman with laptop


Special Feature: Oatly and Industry Figures Fight Back Against Widespread Anti Vegan Disinformation

In an age of widespread deliberate and often systematic disinformation, along with more inadvertent misinformation, on all manner of issues surrounding alternative foods — health, processed vs unprocessed, sustainability, and detriment on masculinity, to name a few — plant milk leader Oatly along with several figures from within our movement are now saying enough is enough. It’s time to counter the narrative with some truth; “For the sake of our planet, the definition of healthy must include being both good for people and good for the planet,” Oatly urges. Disparage and enhance At the end of last month, Changing Markets released a paper titled Truth, lies and culture wars: The misinformation we face in pushing for a sustainable food system. The research, which has been …


Image courtesy of Beyond Meat

Europe Continues as Beyond Meat’s Strongest Market With Multiple Veganuary Activations

Beyond Meat’s vision is to be a global protein company helping the transition from animal to plant-based meat to address the climate crisis and animal welfare positively. On various occasions, the company has expressed strong ambitions for Europe, aiming to have a localized production to serve the growing demand for meat alternatives in the region. In 2021, the brand created a new position, General Manager of Europe, to expedite its growth in the continent. Since then, the company has expanded its presence in the UK and European countries, including Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy, and more recently Romania, launching different products through retail and foodservice. In November it was reported widely that customer demand in Europe is a bright spot for the company amid …


Beyond Meat least you can do campaign

© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Targets New Year’s Resolutions with ‘Literally The Least You Can Do’ Campaign

In an effort to tackle one of the most common New Year’s resolutions — eating more healthily — Beyond Meat has launched a new marketing campaign called “Literally The Least You Can Do” which shines a spotlight on its heart-healthy Beyond Steak. The digital campaign will run on TV, OLV, Social, and Digital channels. Beyond Steak recently received the Heart-Check certification from the American Heart Association and has also achieved the distinction of being the first plant-based meat product to meet the nutritional guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life program, according to the company. Actor and producer Rizwan Manji, known for his role in Schitt’s Creek, features in the campaign, continuing his collaboration with Beyond Meat after appearing in the …