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Swizzels Launches Campaign Urging Retailers to Stock Vegan Sweets for Veganuary

UK-based confectionery brand Swizzels has launched a new campaign reminding retailers to stock up on its range of vegan sweets for Veganuary 2024. Featuring the tagline “All these, all vegan, all year”, the campaign aims to point out that the vegan confectionery is available year-round, not just in January. This is the fourth year that the company has launched a Veganuary-inspired campaign. Founded in 1928, Swizzels offers a range of classic British sweets. Many of the best-loved — such as Love Hearts, Refreshers, Parma Violets, and Drumsticks — are now suitable for vegans, after being reformulated in recent years. High demand For Veganuary 2023, Swizzels launched a range of six new vegan sweets, including three variety bags (Luscious Lollies, Scrumptious Sweets, and Curious Chews), along …


Burger King to offer discounted Vegan Royale burgers

Image: Burger King

Burger King UK to Offer Discounted Vegan Royale Burgers Every Monday

Burger King UK is now offering its chicken-style Vegan Royale burger at a discounted price of £2.99 on Mondays, with the aim of encouraging more customers to try plant-based options. It comes after a poll commissioned by the chain in collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher found that 73% of meat-eaters wouldn’t choose a plant-based menu option, with 48% saying they don’t believe plant-based meat tastes as good as animal meat. However, 31% said they would be more likely to choose a plant-based dish if they knew it tasted as good as the conventional option, while 38% said better value for money would make them more likely to order plant-based food. Plant-based game show To address the idea that plant-based options don’t taste as good, Burger …


Como Ser Vegan Hoy, by Ignacia Uribe

Image courtesy of Ignacia Uribe

Ignacia Uribe’s New ‘How to Be Vegan Today’ Book Urges “Do What You Can, But Do it Today”

The book “Como Ser Vegan Hoy” (“How to Be Vegan Today”) is presented as an essential guide for those who want to explore veganism and everything it entails, offering a simple, entertaining, educational and friendly guide so that people can immerse themselves in the different dimensions of veganism. This new milestone for Ignacia Uribe, director of Fundación Veg (formerly Vegetarianos Hoy) follows more than 20 years of experience as a vegetarian/vegan and as part of this social justice movement. Within her new book, people will be able to find anecdotes and personal reflections, as well as the explanation of key concepts, practical advice, and recipes to motivate people to explore this path. For her, this book is a necessity for society and the vegan movement, …


Beyond Meat marketing campaign

Supplied by Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s “This Changes Everything” Campaign Emphasizes Nutritional Benefits of Plant-Based Meat

Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) unveils its latest marketing initiative, the “This Changes Everything” campaign. This campaign, created by the independent full-service advertising agency Chemistry, aims to spotlight the nutritional benefits of Beyond Meat’s product range, including the Beyond Steak, the Beyond Burger, and the recently introduced Beyond Sausage. Central to this initiative is the endorsement of Beyond Steak as a heart-healthy food, certified by the American Heart Association. Akerho “AK” Oghoghomeh, senior vice president of brand marketing at Beyond Meat, stated, “We know that health is a top driver in the plant-based meat category, so we wanted to emphasize our products’ key nutritional benefits, including Beyond Steak’s heart-healthy credentials, while still communicating their great taste.” Oghoghomeh also highlighted the campaign’s collaborative effort with talented …


ProVeg - how to attract flexitarian consumers

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Attracting Flexitarian Consumers with Comfort and Familiarity

Flexitarians – those who consume both meat and plant-based foods – are now the fastest-growing consumer demographic, making up nearly 30% of Europeans.1 This consumer segment holds the key to unlocking the plant-based industry. By shifting focus from the niche vegan market – which represents less than 4% of European consumers – to flexitarians, plant-based meat brands can open up a market over ten times larger!2 But how do you appeal to meat-eating, flexitarian consumers? In its recent case study, ProVeg International profiled the plant-based meat brand LikeMeat to demonstrate some of its strategies to create a ‘meaty’ experience and attract flexitarian consumers. The case study makes five key recommendations for plant-based brands looking to attract more meat-eating consumers: Optimise taste and texture Balance taste …


Meatless Farm OOO ad on bus stop states Trying Times

© Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm is “Back for Good”, Returning to Supermarkets with National Comeback Campaign & New Product Launch

UK brand Meatless Farm, which was acquired by VFC this June following turbulent times, returns to Tesco shelves this week, additionally relaunching into Sainsbury’s and Ocado, along with an extension to its filled pasta range and a national OOH comeback campaign. The brand’s economic struggles earlier this year, during which administrators were appointed, generated prolific media attention, as such this OOH and digital advertising campaign intends to raise awareness that the Meatless Farm is back in retail for consumers. The message ‘For the Tryers,’ invites the increasing number of UK meat-reducers to ‘give it a try,’ further enticing them to purchase once again with a QR code generating a £2 discount and a Greenjinn money-off coupon. The campaign will run from the 25th September to …


No meat required

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“No Meat Required” by Alicia Kennedy Explores the Cultural History and Culinary Future of Plant-Based Eating

Alicia Kennedy, a freelance journalist and prominent voice on food, climate, culture, and veganism, has published her latest literary project, No Meat Required. The book is an exploration of the cultural history and culinary future of plant-based eating in the United States, seeking to dismantle conventional notions of vegan cuisine.  In an interview with British Vogue, Kennedy shared her motivations behind the book, challenging readers to reevaluate their perceptions of alternative diets and showcasing the benefits of going plant-based in a consumer-driven world with limited resources. She shares, “I think when people hear about vegan or vegetarian or plant-based food, it’s all ideological, and for me, I also want it to be very real and tangible.” Once regarded as a niche choice for countercultural figures, …


Newform meatballs

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The Era of the Alt Protein Rebrand: Yet Another Cell Ag Company Reveals New Identity

Yesterday, South African cultivated meat company Mzansi Meat revealed on social media its new identity (see below). Mzansi’s rebrand comes as the next in line to a growing list of alternative protein companies undergoing transformation as such products enter the spotlight and become increasingly crucial as part of food system revolution and climate change action. Arguably, this wave of alt protein rebrands began back in May of 2021 when Memphis Meats became UPSIDE Foods, before going on to achieve incredible success which, as we all know, led to the company becoming one of the two pioneering cultivated meat producers granted permission to sell their novel cell-based chicken products to the US public. However this uptick has gained great pace over the past year or so, …


Beyond Steak

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Beyond Meat Takes Back the Narrative, Shows Why Plant Meat Should be “Celebrated, Not Vilified” in New Multi Phase Ad Campaign

Beyond Meat today launches the There’s Goodness Here campaign which aims to bring transparency to the process behind its plant meat products. In response to the current narrative around “processed”, the plant leader defines “process” as “a series of steps taken in order to achieve a particular end,” and says it “is taking back the narrative to showcase why the clean and simple steps in [its] process should be celebrated, not vilified.” The marketing initiative states, “In an increasingly noisy landscape where it can be hard for consumers to navigate between fact and fiction, the new campaign is focused on demystifying the process behind the creation of the company’s delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based meat products.” Today, the multi-phase campaign kicks off with a video …


Nobell Foods Pizza Futures

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Nobell Foods Launches Campaign Exploring Impact of Climate Change on the Future of Pizza

Nobell Foods, a US-based producer of cheeses made with animal-free dairy proteins, has launched a new campaign exploring how climate change could affect the production of pizza. Called Pizza Futures, it consists of a report, limited-run magazine, and public service campaign designed to create change by using pizza as a symbol of how current lifestyles could be threatened by issues such as crop failure. The campaign explores 30 data-driven scenarios of how the future of pizza could look, some where the challenges of climate change have been responded to and others where they have not. The scenarios include solutions such as cultivated ingredients and pizza vending machines that recycle food waste, but these are contrasted with a future where pizza is an expensive luxury item …


allplants reinvents fast-food ads

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AI-Powered allplants Campaign Reinvents Fast-Food Ads to Show That “Times Have Changed”

After launching remakes of three classic dishes — Chilli, Arrabiata, and Tikka Masala — plant-based meal delivery brand allplants is celebrating with a unique ad campaign. The British company has used AI to reimagine fast-food ads from the 1950s to the 1990s, calling out brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King with the message that “times have changed”. The aim is to show that the idea of convenience foods being unhealthy and ultra-processed is outdated. It isn’t the first time allplants has taken on bigger companies; earlier this year, the brand took out billboards comparing the ingredients in allplants dishes to those in supermarket ready meals, claiming that the latter are high in additives. The company also challenged this year’s World Environment Day theme, “Solutions …


Ritter Sport billboard in Germany

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The Power of OOH Ads: Ritter Sport Becomes Germany’s “Best Known” Vegan Chocolate

German OOOH advertising company Ströer examined the public video campaign of Ritter Sport Vegan for its advertising impact and found that the public video campaign generated 2.3 billion contacts during the campaign period. Brand awareness increased by around ten percent through public video. Ritter Sport also wants to continue its vegan success story in 2023; for the launch of its new vegan varieties, the company relied on Ströer’s nationwide digital reach in public spaces from January to April. During this period, all of Ströer’s digital screens, indoor and outdoor, were occupied at transport hubs such as train stations, streets, shopping centers and on underground and suburban railway platforms. The results of Ströer’s market research – based on a representative online survey – reveal that Ritter …


Strong Roots truck

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Strong Roots Gives Away Plant-Based Food in Dublin as 16% of Irish Consumers Identify as Flexitarian

Strong Roots, the B Corp on a “mission to fix the freezer aisle”, will be giving away plant-based food from its Roots on the Road food truck, each Saturday from tomorrow 24th June to the 15th July, at major shopping centres in Dublin.   The fast-growing brand points out that 16% of Irish consumers identify as flexitarian and a third of consumers buy more plant-based products than they did three years ago. A recent report from the Climate and Health Alliance has also suggested that it’s crucial for the Irish diet to move towards eating more plant-based products and less processed foods for overall health benefits countrywide.   This tasting tour comes amid a period of global expansion for Strong Roots which recently launched its …


Next Gen Foods strategic media partnership SevenVentures

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Next Gen Foods Announces Strategic Media Partnership to Promote TiNDLE Plant-Based Chicken

Next Gen Foods, which owns plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE and dairy-free gelato producer Mwah!, has announced a strategic media partnership. The food tech startup has secured advertising volumes in a media-for-equity deal with SevenVentures, the investment arm of leading German media and digital company ProSiebenSat.1. With an eight-figure value, the investment will help to increase consumer awareness of TiNDLE in Germany, where the brand launched last summer. Next Gen Foods will work with SevenVentures to develop tailored media promotions and advertising solutions within ProSiebenSat.1’s high-reach channels and platforms. The investment will also support long-term awareness-building around the plant-based food category. The new partnership comes after Next Gen Foods raised $100 million in a funding round last year, in what it claimed was the largest ever …


Impossible Foods Tony Awards Ad Campaign

©Impossible Foods

“The Summer of Impossible”: Impossible Foods Unveils Major US Marketing Campaign

Seeking to introduce new customers to the plant-based category, Impossible Foods announces it will launch two US national ad campaigns this summer. Designed to appeal to a wider range of consumers, the campaign’s first spot – a 90-second musical ad – will premiere this Sunday, June 11 during the 76th Annual Tony Awards® broadcast. According to Impossible, the campaigns are intended to reach a broader consumer base of flexitarians and meat-eaters with a lighthearted and approachable message. The first campaign, entitled “Making Meat History”, explores the history of meat through time up to the present day, when the narrator introduces meat from a new animal called “the plant.”  Impossible says the ad familiarizes consumers with the concept of plant-based meat in a fun and entertaining …


The Game Changers documentary

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Sequel Planned for The Game Changers Documentary After 100M+ Views Received

The Game Changers, a documentary highlighting the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletic performance, is getting a sequel. The new film will be directed by Stephanie Soechtig and Kristin Lazure, who previously directed Fed Up, Knock Down the House, and The Devil We Know. It will be made in partnership with production company SpringHill Entertainment, which was founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. Both James and Carter will be among the executive producers for the documentary. The Game Changers 2 will continue exploring plant-based nutrition and athletic performance, but will also cover broader subjects such as children’s health, food justice, and the environment. It will feature a cast of high-profile athletes and entertainers. Challenging perceptions The original Game Changers documentary was executive produced …


allplants World Environment Day

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allplants Says World Environment Day Should Focus on Plants, Not Plastic

UK-based meal delivery service allplants has challenged the theme for this year’s World Environment Day, “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”. The B-Corp argues that plastic is a “distraction” from larger issues facing the planet, such as animal agriculture. Figures suggest that food production is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while plant-based diets could slash emissions by up to 85%. This makes adopting a plant-rich diet the second-most impactful solution to climate change, while reducing plastic use isn’t even in the top 50. Producing fewer animal foods would also have numerous other benefits, such as reducing deforestation and water pollution. allplants argues that governments should stop subsidizing the animal agriculture industry, instead focusing on legislation that promotes plant-based diets. It comes as the company …


A Little More Confusing BK print campaign

A Little More Confusing campaign © DAVID Madrid

Burger King Embraces Humor and Irony to Promote Plant-Based Menu in “Confusing Times” Campaign

A new Burger King campaign promoting its plant-based menu launched in Spain and the United States in May 2023. Created by the DAVID Agency in Madrid, “Confusing Times” utilizes humor and irony in a series of TV, radio, and print ads. The campaign addresses the concept of confusion to promote the BK menu, with mentions of the chain’s Plant-Based Nuggets and Long Chicken, and the Plant-Based Whopper Jr. The ad shows an array of circumstances when people appear confused about the facts: is an eco-friendly Black Friday purchase good for the planet or not good at all? Should you delete a message or send the wrong message by deleting it? Is Max a dog’s name or a boy’s name?  A kid’s POV Recently, Burger King …


Strong Roots

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Strong Roots Launches NYC Metro Ad Campaign, Predicts Record $30M in Sales

Plant-based frozen food brand Strong Roots has launched what it describes as its largest US marketing campaign yet, featuring digital ads across the New York City metro area. The ads will be present at almost all major subway stations, and will offer a “buy one, get one free” deal to passers-by. To redeem the offer, commuters can scan a QR code to access coupons valid at Whole Foods, ShopRite, Fairway Markets, Fresh Direct, and InstaCart. The offer applies to three of Strong Roots’ most popular products — Cauliflower Hash Browns, Sweet Potato Hash Browns, and Spinach Bites. It comes as Strong Roots experiences huge growth, with US sales expected to reach a record $30 million this year.  The brand also recently expanded into the category …


NotCo Argentina

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NotCo Argentina Launches NotCow Campaign to Promote Cruelty-Free Dairy

Chilean B Corp certified unicorn company NotCo has launched a marketing campaign in Argentina called NotCow, featuring the slogan “Cross out what you don’t want, Keep what you like,” encouraging consumers to switch to cruelty-free, healthier, and more sustainable alternatives.   NotCow aims to promote NotCo’s plant-based products — NotMilk, NotCream Cheese, and NotDulce de Leche — as options for traditional Argentinean favorites such as milk coffee, toast with cream cheese, and dulce de leche (a ubiquitous sweet in the country’s gastronomy). “The category of dairy replacements is a clear example of how countless recipes and occasions at home can become plant-based without effort and without leaving aside taste and enjoyment,” says Matias Latugaye, Country Manager Argentina of NotCo. In Argentina, the vegan population amounts to 4%, and …