NTU partners with Bunge to develop alternative protein flavors


NTU Singapore Partners With Bunge to Develop Alternative Protein Flavors Using Fermentation

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore has announced a partnership with global agribusiness and food company Bunge to produce alternative protein flavors using fermentation. The agreement marks the first successful partnership of the Singapore Agri-food Innovation Lab (SAIL), which is funded by Enterprise Singapore. SAIL works to connect solution providers with multinational corporations in order to enhance the agri-food innovation ecosystem. As part of the partnership, Bunge will supply soybean, canola, and sunflower fats and oils, along with oilseed meal and cake (formed after oil is extracted from seeds). NTU’s Food Science and Technology Programme (FST), led by Professor William Chen, will use these ingredients to develop new flavors for use in alternative proteins and plant-based protein products. To achieve this, the researchers will employ solid-state …


Califia Farms acquires the plant-based milk dispenser company Uproot

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Califia Farms Acquires Uproot’s “Turnkey” Plant-Based Milk Dispensers for Foodservice

California’s Califia Farms, a leading brand in the premium plant-based beverage market, has acquired the New York-based company Uproot Inc., which specializes in plant-based milk and dispensing solutions for foodservice operations. The acquisition will help Califa Farms expand its product and service offerings in the “Away From Home” market. The team from Uproot, including the founders, will join the Californian company. Kevin Eve and Jacob Conway founded Uproot to provide healthy plant-based beverages alongside sustainable packaging solutions. They created the “plantmilk” dispensing program to offer a complete service from product formulation and distribution to high-volume liters for cafeterias. Uproot’s machines, packed with oat, soy, and pea milk in chocolate flavor, are operational on over 150 college and university campuses and other dining locations. Kevin Eve …


Myco expands production facility

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Myco Production Facility Expands Just Months After Opening Following “Sensational” Demand

Myco, a UK plant-based company producing burgers and sausages from oyster mushroom protein, has announced that its production facility has expanded just months after opening due to “sensational” demand from consumers. The site in North Yorkshire is now 3000 square feet larger, meaning Myco will be able to vertically farm significantly more oyster mushrooms. These are converted into the company’s Hooba range of meat alternatives on the same site, and the increased capacity will enable a 600% rise in production. The unique production method, which sees the entire process carried out under one roof, has led Myco products to be named “Britain’s greenest burgers” due to their lack of food miles. “Sales of our Hooba range have exceeded even our highest hopes, and the feedback …


Premazon will roll out new plant-based fish products using Steakholder Food's premix blend for fish.

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Steakholder Foods Unveils Plant-Based Fish Kebab Deal with Frozen Food Distributor Premazon

Following successful local partnerships to integrate plant-based steaks and fish into gourmet menus, Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) announces a new agreement to bolster its presence in the growing plant-based food market. Leveraging Steakholder Foods’s proprietary SHFISH premix blend to meet the highest taste, texture, and nutrition standards, the renowned frozen foods manufacturer Premazon will roll out new plant-based fish products. Premazon, a key player in the institutional market, produces “warm serve” products optimized for superior nutritional values, including lower fat and sodium. It operates in Israel and boasts a vast distribution network encompassing hotels, restaurants, catering services, and various food service establishments. Through this partnership, it will expand its portfolio with a new line of plant-based white fish kebabs catering to a diverse and rapidly growing consumer …


Juicy Marbles plant-based baby ribs

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Juicy Marbles Launches Clean-Label Plant-Based Baby Ribs With Bones

Plant-based whole-cut pioneer Juicy Marbles has announced it is bringing meat alternatives into a “new, more mature chapter” with the launch of its plant-based Baby Ribs with bones. The product is an improved and retail-ready version of the brand’s Bone-In Ribs, which have previously been sold in limited batches online. In response to customer feedback, the ribs are made using a new recipe platform called Marble 3.0, which promises “one of the cleanest labels in the plant-based space”. This includes a complete amino acid profile with 32g of protein per serving, no thickeners or binders such as methylcellulose, a Nutriscore of A, and no GMO ingredients. The recipe also contains essential micronutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12, and is free of additives …



KMC Launches New Potato-Based Gelling Agent That Can Replace Gelatin in Gummy Candies

Danish ingredient supplier KMC has announced the launch of a new gelling agent made from potato starch, allowing for the production of plant-based confectionery with a soft but chewy texture. While many plant-based gelling agents must be dried at 55°C (131°F) to attain a stable texture, the new ingredient becomes completely stable at just 25°C (77°F), meaning no special drying facilities are needed. Called Gelamyl 625, it can be used as the sole gelling agent in gummy candy and is said to provide a soft texture with a chewy and non-sticky bite. Gelamyl 625 can also be used as a partial replacement for gelatin, which reportedly allows for significant cost savings with no change in texture. The ingredient has been described as the “next generation …


Header for an upcoming Webtalk : Session 3 of the ‘update’ Webinar Series: Dairy Alternatives – The Intersection of Success and Sorrow

Session 3 of the ‘update’ Webinar Series: Dairy Alternatives – The Intersection of Success and Sorrow

The new international business webtalk series ‘update’ discusses the most pressing issues of the ongoing protein transition. Based on the latest news, data, and facts, the future of the industry will be put forward and discussed with key market players in this series of talks. Session 3: Cheeese!? Dairy Alternatives – The Intersection of Success and Sorrow August 22nd, 10:30 AM CT (CHICAGO) | 5:30 PM CEST (BERLIN) | 4:30 PM BST (LONDON) >> Register now! Join us for an insightful webtalk exploring the successes and setbacks of dairy alternatives. As oat, almond and soy milk have established themselves as distinct categories, producers remain inventive in establishing new plant-based dairy products on the market. Concentrates, powders, 2D printed plant milks and precision fermented dairy products are examples. We …


German ingredients specialist Loryma offers plant-based alternatives that are said to replicate the texture and processing properties of animal fats.

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Loryma Unveils New Plant-Based Fat Solutions for Juicy Meat Analogs with Low-Calorie Bonus

Plant-based fats often differ from their animal counterparts in behavior during production and preparation, presenting challenges for manufacturers. To address this problem, German ingredients specialist Loryma has developed three wheat-based specific solutions — “all with a low-calorie content” — for fat reproduction that provide both processing and nutritional benefits, including reducing fat content in meat analogs while mimicking texture. These new solutions cater to specific fat applications and product requirements in meat analogs, including tender melts, firm sliceable textures, and visually appealing “visible fat” content. Norbert Klein, Head of Research and Development at Loryma, comments, “Our compounds and blends offer advantages not only in terms of product quality and nutritional value but also for the efficient and targeted creation of new trend products.” Clean label & low-calorie …


The Plant It Food Co.'s vegan chicken

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Food Service Giant Eurest Teams Up with The Plant-It Food Co. to Bring Vegan Chicken to US Menus

Compass Group’s division Eurest, a leader in hospitality and food service in the USA, has partnered with the Irish company The Plant-It Food Co. (Plant It) to serve its plant-based chicken across its non-commercial operations in five markets: Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia, before a broader national rollout. Eurest, which highlights the versatility of Plant It’s vegan chicken, says that its chefs and dietitians have prepared it in multiple recipes — breaded, crumbled, filleted, or grilled — to suit diverse global and American cuisines, providing more plant-based options. The companies state that their partnership aims to promote healthier and more sustainable eating habits, highlighting the dual benefits of delicious food and positive environmental actions. “It’s exciting to introduce better-for-you options to our guests that they …


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Catherine’s Originals Launches “UK’s First” Vegan Chocolate Selection Tin

UK company Catherine’s Originals has launched what is claimed to be the UK’s first vegan chocolate selection tin. The product is intended to provide an alternative to brands such as Quality Street and Roses, which are often eaten over the Christmas period. Each tin contains 81 chocolates, with nine flavours available: The Cookie Muncher — A plant-based take on Milky Way bars. Popped Cherry — A lip-shaped chocolate with a pink cherry centre. Dangerously in Love — A coffee-flavoured truffle. Heartbreaker — An orange and almond-flavoured chocolate. Snap-me-Coconut — Inspired by Bounty bars. Bite-me-Balls — A semi-sphere filled with vegan caramel. Tease Me — Contains crunchy vegan honeycomb. Milky-O’s — A hazelnut praline. Baby I’m Blue — A lavender and chamomile-flavoured chocolate. The fillings are …


Germany’s Kaufland, a hypermarket chain operational since 1984 that offers a comprehensive range of plant-based alternatives, is expanding its brand K-take it veggie lineup to over 100 different items.

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Kaufland Adds Vegan Parmesan & Salmon to Lineup, Expands Range to Over 100 Items

German hypermarket chain Kaufland announces an expansion of its brand K-Take it Veggie to offer approximately 20% more items, now reaching over 100 vegan products. The new SKUs include Parmesan cheese, salmon, and cheese sticks, adding new consumer options to support plant-based nutrition. According to Kaufland, one in five Germans is interested in a vegan diet, and more than 1.5 million people in Germany are already living a vegan lifestyle. The trend is rising, and the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, is even trying to address the country’s all-time low meat consumption by suggesting new market opportunities. “With K-Take it Veggie, we want to offer our customers plant-based products that are suitable for every taste and every day, and also inspire them to …


Frías Nutrición

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Refresco to Acquire Private Label Plant-Based Milk Manufacturer Frías Nutrición

Global beverage solutions provider Refresco has announced an agreement to acquire private-label plant-based milk manufacturer Frías Nutrición from Alantra Private Equity and the Frías founding family. Based in Spain, Frías produces milk alternatives made from oats, soy, almond, rice, hazelnut, and coconut. The company’s facility in Burgos employs around 250 people, supplying products to major retailers in Spain and beyond. The transaction is expected to close later this year, but will be subject to regulatory approval. The financial terms have not been disclosed. Refresco is currently best known for offering products such as juices, carbonated soft drinks, and mineral water. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has production facilities in Europe, North America, and Australia. Through the acquisition, Refresco hopes to strengthen …


Further Foods, the company behind the cruelty-free pet food brand Noochies!, will submit a feeding trial protocol for dogs and their cultivated chicken to the FDA later this month.

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Noochies! Takes First Regulatory Steps to Launch a Cultivated Chicken Dog Product in the USA

Canada’s CULT Food Science (“CULT” or the “Company”) (CSE: CULT) (OTC: CULTF) (FRA: LN0) announces that its subsidiary, Further Foods, the company behind the pet food brand Noochies!, will submit a feeding trial protocol for a cultivated chicken ingredient to the FDA later this month. Noochies!, a brand leveraging alternative proteins to avoid factory-farmed chicken and beef, has already introduced two unique products featuring a dried yeast protein developed by CULT Food Science to meet pets’ daily nutritional requirements: Freeze-Dried Dog and Cat Snacks. The brand has plans to formulate new Noochies! with cultivated chicken. The feeding trials, necessary for regulatory approval as cultivated chicken is a new ingredient that pets have never consumed, are planned to commence in Q4 of this year. This is contingent …


Confetti Snacks

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Confetti Snacks Expands into Europe Through TJ Maxx and HomeSense

Confetti Snacks, a US-based brand known for its upcycled vegetable and fruit chips, has expanded its distribution to Europe. This move is in collaboration with TJ Maxx and HomeSense, and the products are now available in nearly 1,000 stores across the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Poland. Confetti Snacks offers a variety of colorful, nutrient-dense chips made from imperfect produce. The top three products – Thai Green Curry Mushrooms, Black Truffle Mushrooms, and Just Half Moons Mandarin Chips – achieved a 65% sell-through rate in the first two weeks of availability in Europe. Tackling food waste The brand was founded by Singapore native Betty Lu with a mission to tackle food waste and provide a nutritious, minimally processed snack option. “We take ‘ugly’ or unsellable …


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Scientific Discovery in the UK Unlocks World of Possibilities for Vegan Brie & Camembert

UK’s Myconeos Limited, a biotech company developing new strains of fungi for food applications, announces a breakthrough that could lead to tastier vegan Brie, Camembert, and other cheeses as well as fermented meat products. The company, which has developed a breeding platform to cross fungal strains naturally, claims that it has unlocked the sexual cycle of Penicillium camemberti, the strain used in Brie and Camembert cheeses. This discovery, before considered impossible, allows Myconeos to produce new and improved Penicillium camemberti strains for the first time. Professor Paul Dyer, CTO of Myconeos, says this discovery will promote genetic diversity within the strain’s population, opening the door to a broader range of cheese options with new flavors, textures, and colors. More importantly, the breakthrough will help the company breed …


Tate & Lyle has acquired CP Kelco, a nature-based ingredients company, for $1.8 billion.

© Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle Acquires CP Kelco for $1.8 Billion in Strategic Expansion for Sugar Reduction Ingredients and Stabilisers

Global food and beverage solutions company Tate & Lyle has acquired CP Kelco, a nature-based ingredients company, for $1.8 billion on a cash-free, debt-free basis. In the announcement, Tate & Lyle stated that this acquisition “expands our offering in the large (US$19 billion) and fast-growing (6% CAGR) specialty food and beverage ingredients addressable market, and unlocks further growth opportunities in core and adjacent markets.” Tate & Lyle, originating in Britain in 1859 as the sugar refinery Henry Tate & Sons and headquartered in London, was acquired by American Sugar Refining, Inc. in 2010, ending its long association with refined sugar production. Since then, the company has aligned with consumer trends for healthier, tastier, and more sustainable products by offering sugar-reduction solutions for products such as gummies, …


GoodMills Innovation Tower III 2024

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GoodMills Innovation Unveils Multi-Million “Tower III” Facility to Increase Capacity for Plant-Based Ingredients

GoodMills Innovation, based in Hamburg, Germany, a company developing clean-label plant-based ingredients based on cereals and pulses for a wide range of applications, announces it has commenced operations at its latest project, featuring a newly completed production tower funded by a substantial multi-million euro investment. After three years of construction, the new facility now spans 2,500 square meters over seven levels. Dubbed “Tower III,” the expanded site aims to position GoodMills Innovation as an international center of excellence for the texturization of plant-based proteins, catering to the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products as part of the company’s mission to advocate for dietary shifts towards more sustainable options. Katharina Haack, Head of Marketing Communications at GoodMills Innovation, says: “Plant-based nutrition is a building block …


© Onego Bio

Onego Bio Secures $15.2M for Animal-Free Bio-Identical Egg Protein

US-Finnish precision fermentation company Onego Bio has secured $15.2 million in funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program and other Series A investors. This takes the amount raised by the company in 2024 to $55 million, and its total funding to $70.8 million. Onego Bio produces Bioalbumen®, an animal-free bio-identical egg protein manufactured as an industrial food ingredient. Bioalbumen is said to have perfect protein quality, full functionality, and a neutral flavor; it could also alleviate the environmental burden of conventional egg production by as much as 90%, while providing a stable supply. This is likely to be very attractive to manufacturers, since chicken eggs have been plagued by supply chain issues in recent years. Commercialization Onego says it is focusing on commercializing …



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New Ingredion Pea Protein Enhances Texture and Taste in Cold-Pressed Bars

Ingredion Incorporated, a leading provider of specialty ingredient solutions, has launched VITESSENCE® Pea 100 HD, a pea protein designed to enhance the texture and taste of cold-pressed bars in the US and Canadian markets. This new product allows these bars to maintain softness throughout their shelf life, offering preferred sensory attributes and nutritional benefits. Ingredion showcased VITESSENCE® Pea 100 HD at the IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo 2024 in Chicago this week, featuring it in a plant-based Chocolate Tahini Jelly protein bar. Daniel Kennedy, Director of Sales for Healthful Solutions and Protein Fortification, and Yeni Pena, Senior Business Manager for Texture Solutions, led a discussion at the expo on innovations in texture and creating sensory experiences that enhance taste and build consumer preference. Addressing …


A partnership between the Singapore’s UMAMI Bioworks and the young US company Friends & Family Pet Food Co (FnF) is set to launch one of world's first cultivated fish cat treats brand in Singapore and San Francisco in early 2025.

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UMAMI Bioworks and Friends & Family Pet Food Co. to Launch Cultivated Fish Cat Treats in 2025

A partnership between Singapore’s UMAMI Bioworks, (previously Umami Meats) and the young US company Friends & Family Pet Food Co. (recently part of the ProVeg Incubator’s 12th cohort) is set to launch one of the world’s first cultivated fish cat treats in Singapore and in San Francisco, USA, early next year. The new products, reportedly crafted with high-quality cultivated fish proteins enriched with high-value microalgae and essential nutrients, aimed to promote what FnF calls a “Longevity Diet” for cats. In addition, the animal and ocean-friendly cat food lineup offers significant environmental benefits since cultivated fish production is more resource-efficient, requiring less land, water, and feed than traditional fishing methods or aquaculture. Joshua Errett, Friends & Family CEO and founder, states, “Together, we have created a …