Atomo Coffee

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Atomo Coffee Expands Upcycled, Beanless Coffee Availability Through Bluestone Lane Partnership

Seattle-based Atomo Coffee, which produces a beanless coffee alternative, has partnered with specialty coffee chain Bluestone Lane to distribute its espresso across all 58 of the chain’s locations in the United States. This new development marks a significant market expansion for Atomo, whose products were previously available exclusively at Gumption Coffee near Times Square in New York City. Atomo’s beanless coffee utilizes upcycled ingredients such as date pits, chicory root, and grape skin to replicate the molecular structure of traditional coffee. This method reportedly uses 94% less water and generates 93% fewer carbon emissions than conventional coffee production. Additionally, Atomo Coffee offers health benefits, including high antioxidant content and lower acidity. Ed Hoehn, Atomo’s chief operating officer, expressed the company’s approach to its distribution strategy …


NOT EGG at Internorga

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Vegan Fried Egg for HoReCa NOT EGG Debuts at Internorga Fair

The vegan fried egg alternative “NOT EGG” was also at the centre of Vonher GmbH’s presence at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg. With NOT EGG, Vonher GmbH is launching an innovative egg alternative for restaurants and hotels. Unlike powdered products, NOT EGG offers a ready-moulded, deep-frozen plant-based fried egg option that can be prepared in just 3 minutes. The composition of NOT EGG is a careful selection of natural ingredients based on a blend of soya protein isolate, mung bean seeds, pumpkin, carrot, cassava flour and ginger. According to Vonher, this unique blend not only guarantees an authentic flavour and texture, but is also rich in protein, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and low-carb. NOT EGG is also free from preservatives, colourings and flavourings, as well as …


Mililk Packaging shot

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Veganz Supplies its ‘Mililk’ Printed Oat Milk Discs to Rewe

Veganz Group AG is now producing its latest food innovation Mililk, a patented milk alternative from the 2D printer, in-house for the Rewe Group. Under the Food For Future and Rewe Bio brands, the Bio Mililk Barista is available nationally in more than 3,700 Rewe stores and in all 2,000 Penny Stores. Delivery has already begun. Veganz Group AG is thus continuing its strategic expansion into a manufacturing company for vegan innovations. Mililk alternative Last July, Veganz announced the start of production of its new plant-based milk alternative “Mililk” at its new production site in Ludwigsfelde. In addition to sales to end consumers via the online shop, Veganz also offers its oat milk product to catering customers. Mililk is produced using a specially developed 2D …


Lindt launches vegan truffles in USA

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Lindt Launches Vegan Truffle Balls in the USA

Lindt LINDOR has launched a plant-based version of its popular Truffle Balls on the US market. The new vegan product range includes the flavors Non-Dairy OatMilk and Dark Chocolate OatMilk. The truffle balls complement the Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE oat milk bars launched in 2022 and expand the company’s vegan range. They are intended to offer a chocolate alternative for all consumers, not just those who avoid dairy products. “We wanted to create dairy-free truffles for all chocolate lovers, including those who avoid dairy products, are lactose intolerant or simply follow a more plant-based diet,” says Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. The new dairy-free oat milk truffle balls from Lindt LINDOR are designed to offer a chocolate experience on a par with milk chocolate truffle balls. …


Chef cooking in restaurant with smoke dish; Shutterstock ID 1876615660

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Become a Next Gen Flavorist and Help “Drive Consumer Enjoyment of Plant-Based Foods” at this Flavor School

dsm-firmenich, a Swiss-Dutch company and a leading innovator in nutrition, health, and beauty, with operations in almost 60 countries and revenues of more than €12 billion, has opened the application process for its flavorist school’s class of 2025. This world-class training school is set to lead the next era of flavor innovation and has a special focus on plant-based foods. The school is led by Veronique le Gouellec, Global Director Creation, with Patrick Salord, Vice President Global Creation at dsm-firmenich and Dean of the flavorist school. Speaking to vegconomist today, Salord explains the significance of the developments in flavor to plant-based foods. “At dsm-firmenich, we understand that consumers are prioritizing diets with balanced amounts of animal and plant proteins, driven by environmental perceptions, animal welfare …


tHEMEat upcycles vegetable waste into a vegan version of the protein heme to boost meaty flavors in plant-based alternatives.

© tHEMEat

tHEMEat: Vegan Heme From Vegetable Waste to “Beef” the Flavor of Plant-Based Meat

While many manufacturers use precision fermentation-derived proteins or processed food additives to enhance the flavor of plant-based alternatives, the Singaporean company tHEMEat offers an innovative option: extracting the flavors locked within vegetables to “beef” their taste. Co-founded by Max Tham and joined by a team from the National University of Singapore, tHEMEat upcycles vegetable waste into a vegan version of the heme protein. Naturally occurring in animal flesh, heme is an iron-containing molecule that plays an essential role in creating the rich flavor of meat, a more intense scent, and taste. Challenged by the flavor gap between animal and plant-based meat, tHEMEat developed a proprietary tech for extracting and synthesizing flavors from different feedstocks and a unique formulation for adding species-specific flavors. The result is VEME, …


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“We’ve Cracked It”: Sinless Food Offers Vegan Fried, Poached and Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sinless Food is a new business based in the North of England that produces innovative handmade alternatives to eggs. The company’s range includes: Vegan Fried Eggs — A frozen ready-to-cook mix in six individual pots, which produces a plant-based alternative to fried eggs when cooked. Vegan Poached Eggs — Another frozen ready-to-cook mix, available in packs of six sachets. The mix can be placed in boiling water to make a poached egg alternative. Vegan Hard Boiled Eggs — Four individually wrapped ready-to-eat vegan boiled eggs. Vegan Egg Roll — A ready-to-eat boiled egg-style product, sold in a sliceable roll. Vegan “Egg” & Cress Filler — An egg and cress-style sandwich filling made with vegan mayo and Sinless Food’s hard-boiled egg alternative. The plant-based eggs are …


Integra Foods, the new ingredients division of Australian Grain Export (AGE), has opened a faba bean protein facility in Dublin, South Australia.

© Integra Foods

Integra Foods Breaks New Ground with Faba Bean Protein Facility in South Australia

Integra Foods, the new ingredients division of Australian Grain Export (AGE), has opened a faba bean protein facility in Dublin, South Australia. The facility, part of AGE’s $20 million vertically integrated value-adding precinct in South Australia’s Mid-North region, leverages sustainable and energy-efficient protein separation techniques. The new plant, described as a state-of-the-art facility, is set to produce 15,000 metric tons of “all-natural” and sustainable concentrates annually for innovative faba bean-based products. Mr. Tim Martin, managing director of Integra Foods, shared: “We’re proud to lead in developing Australia’s plant protein industry and launching South Australia’s newest industry.” Dry fractionation tech Unlike wet fractionating methods, the ingredients company uses pioneering dry fractionation, which does not require water, acids, alkalis, solvents, or drying to separate proteins and starches. …


Better Balance launches Better Nera with Chunk Foods

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Better Balance Launches Plant-Based Whole Cut ‘Better-Nera’ in Spain with Chunk Foods

Following the announcement this January that the company was to develop co-branded plant-based whole cuts for the Latin American market in collaboration with Chunk Foods, Better Balance now presents the 100% plant-based “Better-nera” cut for the Spanish market. Also co-developed with vegan steak specialist Chunk Foods, using a patented solid-state fermentation technology, this innovative cut of plant meat is a pioneer in its category in Spain, says Better Balance, a subsidiary of the Sigma group. Better-nera has a high protein content (21%) and is an excellent source of fibre, enriched with iron and vitamin B12. In addition, it is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and sodium, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. The product has been categorised with Nutriscore A and can be prepared …


Vegan Pulled Pork, M Food Group

Vegan Pulled Pork © M Food Group

EU Meat Producers Driving Plant-Based Market Growth in Europe, Part 2

After looking closely at meat producers in the Americas starting plant-based projects last year, this series now looks at the meat producers in Europe that have entered the plant-based market. As vegans, some consumers may prefer not to fund companies that are in the business of killing animals. However, it would be remiss not to acknowledge that large producers have the ability to mass-produce at scale and bring plant-based products into the mainstream, thus helping to lower prices. This will be the second of our three-part series, following the first installment as published last week, covering meat producers in Europe that have ventured into plant-based, in no particular order. Campofrio – Spain  Campofrío Food Group, a subsidiary of Sigma Alimentos, is a European leader in …


Alpine Bio Nobell Foods

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Alpine Bio Announces Rebrand from Nobell Foods, Secures New Patent in Dairy Alternatives

Alpine Bio, formerly known as Nobell Foods, announces a significant development in its business and technology strategy, revealing a corporate rebranding and the acquisition of a new US patent. The company, which produces animal-free dairy products through molecular farming, is now expanding its technological and market footprint. Nobell Foods has been focused on creating cheeses from plant-derived casein proteins but has shifted its corporate identity to better reflect its broader biomanufacturing ambitions. The rebranding to Alpine Bio aligns with the company’s vision to enhance its biotechnological capabilities in producing various plant-based proteins. Nobell Foods will continue to operate as a division of Alpine Bio. Alpine Bio announced the rebrand on social media today, stating, “Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as our platform …


Cell scaffolding at NUS

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A Deep Dive into the Role of 3D Scaffolds as the Building Blocks for Cultivated Meat

In addition to scaling and cost hurdles, cultivated meat production faces the unique challenge of developing final products that meet the consumer’s expectations of conventional animal-based meat, including larger pieces akin to whole cuts. However, most prototypes are made from ground meat and do not look exactly like whole cuts. Why is this the case? 3D scaffolds Companies in the space are experimenting with 3D structures or scaffolds to recreate the structure and taste of animal tissue to make complex products such as steaks, filets, and even burgers. In animals, the extracellular matrix (ECM), a structure made of proteins and carbohydrates, supports the cells and guides them in their growth journey: differentiation and tissue development to make the different organs and body parts. Scaffolds for …


La Vie sandwiches launch in multiple French retailers

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La Vie’s New Range of Vegan Club Sandwiches is “Selling Like Hotcakes” in Multiple French Retailers

La Vie™, the fast-growing French startup behind a patented plant-based recipe that replicates the taste, look, and texture of pork from pigs, has launched a range of three 100% plant-based club sandwiches: Le Parisien, Le Suédois, and Le British. The sandwiches all feature one of the brand’s two hero ingredients, the famous vegan bacon, and the more recently developed ham. The two products have both received numerous awards in France and throughout Europe, and are rich in protein, sources of fibre, and rated green on the Yuka app. Founded in 2021 by Nicolas Schweitzer and Vincent Poulichet and enjoying consistent success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, including a permanent listing on Burger King menus, La Vie is now investing in takeaway sales and the …


Green Boy

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Green Boy Launches Global Plant-Based Pet Food Ingredients Division

Plant-based food ingredients supplier Green Boy has launched a new division dedicated to plant-based pet food ingredients, extending its operations globally. This new venture aims to provide a comprehensive range of plant-based ingredients, including starches, sweeteners, proteins, and fibers, to pet food manufacturers. The newly formed pet food ingredient sector at Green Boy will supply ingredients derived from pulses, grains, cereals, and vegetables. This includes a variety of proteins such as vital wheat gluten, pumpkin, pea, potato, and chickpea proteins. Additional offerings will include sweet potato, psyllium husk, arrowroot, and tapioca. Co-founder and owner of Green Boy, Peter van Dijken, commented, “Green Boy has always operated with the goal of accelerating the plant-based food reformation, to help with the transition from animal-based food products to …


outlier protein wamame foods

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Wamame Foods Unveils “World’s Highest Protein Content” Meat Alternative, Outlier Protein

Wamame Foods, a company recognized for its plant-based product line Waygu, has launched a new protein alternative called Outlier Protein. This product, made using only seven ingredients, boasts a protein content that the company claims is 64% higher than that of cooked ground beef. The launch of Outlier Protein was announced in a press conference today, with Blair Bullus, president of Wamame Foods, commenting, “This is a complete protein, and it uses only seven ingredients. […] It uses the same protein isolates that you’d find in protein bars and protein shakes, but we’re now able to create them into meat products, which allows us to actually create new products that have a significant nutritional advantage over other animal-based proteins.” The product is formulated from natural, …


Neggst whole vegan egg

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Plant-Based Eggs Come to the Rescue Amid “Eggflation” and Avian Flu Outbreaks

The exceptional circumstances around the poultry egg industry — high prices leading to what has been commonly termed “eggflation“, avian flu outbreaks, the rise of plant-based diets, and food allergy awareness – have created a business opportunity for plant-based egg companies.  Rising energy, feed, and labor costs have translated into unusually high prices for a dozen eggs in many countries, prompting consumers and manufacturers to look for alternatives. However, these high prices are mostly driven by supply shortages.  Reportedly, bird flu outbreaks are the primary cause of egg shortages worldwide. Avian influenza, or H5N1, is a highly contagious virus that is deadly to avian populations and has extended across the globe, even reaching the poles. The virus spread to Europe, Africa, and Asia in 2020, arriving …


Rügenwalder Mühle new vegan ham

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Rügenwalder Mühle Further Expands Vegan Range After Discontinuing Animal Ham

Following the announcement that Rügenwalder Mühle was to discontinue its meat-based Schinken Spicker sausage to increase capacity for the vegan segment, the company now releases the next product in its vegan Schinken Spicker range. The family business, recently acquired by Pfeifer & Langen, is further expanding its vegetarian and vegan segment and is launching the new Vegan Ham Spicker type meat sausage with pea protein. With its strong and spicy flavour and a slight smoky note, it is modelled on a meat sausage in one piece. According to the company, the new product clearly stands out from the sliced Vegan Ham Spicker in terms of both flavour and range of uses. The Vegan Ham Spicker Meat Sausage can be prepared both hot and cold, is …


JULIENNE BRUNO artisan vegan cheeses launch at Coop Switzerland


Artisan Vegan Cheese Brand JULIENNE BRUNO Expands to Switzerland with Updated Packaging

UK-based artisan vegan cheese brand JULIENNE BRUNO has announced an expansion to Switzerland, rolling out at hundreds of Coop stores across the country. The brand’s burrata alternative, Burrella, will be available at 375 Coop locations, while its stracciatella alternative, Superstraccia, has gained listings at 170 stores. Both products are award-winning — Burrella won the Dairy Alternative Innovation category at last year’s World Dairy Innovation Awards, while Superstraccia has received a Great Taste Award. This is JULIENNE BRUNO’s first international launch, with further market expansion planned in the coming months. The brand is also developing a new product range called Collection 02. New packaging In the meantime, JULIENNE BRUNO has relaunched its Collection 01 (featuring Burrella, Superstraccia, and the cream cheese alternative Crematta) with updated packaging. …


Ingood by Olga, a Plant-Based and Natural Ingredient for Confectionery

Ingood by Olga is the business unit dedicated to ingredients of the Olga group, a family-owned company based in French Brittany. Ingood by Olga is committed to better nutrition through plant-based foods, and they believe that good nutrition starts with taste. For example, confectionery is a fast-growing market where texture and taste play a crucial role. PEPTIPEA® perfectly meets these expectations. PEPTIPEA® is a pea protein hydrolysate derived from European yellow peas. This plant-based protein has been developed for the nutrition and food markets. PEPTIPEA® is a foaming agent and an ideal substitute for gelatine, thanks to its functional properties: – Texture improvement: thanks to the swelling properties of pea peptides, PEPTIPEA® offers a light, airy texture, perfect for marshmallows or melt-in-the-mouth sweets – Clean-label: PEPTIPEA® enables the formulation of clean-label …


A collage of the brands that have partnered with Spiber

© Spiber Inc.

Spiber Raises Over JPY10 Billion for Mass Production of Fermented Proteins for Materials

Spiber Inc., a Japanese biotech “brewing” sustainable materials for the fashion, automotive, and personal care industry, announces it has raised over JPY10 billion (around $65M) in equity financing. Spiber has raised a total funding of $489 million over 9 rounds. The funding, which included additional investments from existing shareholders, will allow the company to accelerate mass production of its innovative Brewed Protein materials and facilitate global sales.  Founded in 2007, Spiber uses precision fermentation and polymer and material science to develop protein-based alternatives to animal and petrochemical materials. Its polymers can be used to make spider silk, wool, cashmere, leather, fur, and more. The company already operates biomanufacturing plants in Thailand and is building another in Iowa, USA. Kazuhide Sekiyama, Director and Representative Executive Officer …