A mycoprotein steak

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Nosh.bio’s Retroffited Plant Ready to Produce “Thousands of Tons” of Mycoprotein Annually

Nosh.bio, a B2B biomass fermentation startup recently showcased on the Investment Climate Podcast, announces it has achieved a production milestone at its newly established plant near Dresden, Germany. The biotech explains that it has conducted extensive production trials, indicating that is on track to produce “thousands of tons” of its mycoprotein ingredient annually. The inaugural production run is expected to occur within the next four to five months.  The company’s mycoprotein delivers a muscle-like structure, allowing manufacturers to produce single-ingredient meat and seafood alternatives without extrusion or additives. Furthermore, it provides an umami taste with zero aftertaste and a neutral color, providing manufacturers with a versatile ingredient with additional binding functionalities.  Retrofitting to scale Nosh.bio’s site was a closed brewery transformed into an alternative protein …


Alex Podcast episode 1
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Investment Climate Podcast: Tim Fronzek of Nosh.bio Reveals the Secrets to Fundraising Success

In this new podcast series, co-produced by vegconomist, Alex Shandrovksy interviews investors about benchmarks for funding alt proteins in 2024 and uncovers the investment playbooks of successful Climate Tech CEOs and Leading VCs. Podcast Host Alex Shandrovksy is a strategic advisor to numerous global food tech accelerators and companies, including leaders in alternative proteins and cellular agriculture. His focus is on investor relations and post-raise scale for agrifood tech companies. Episode 01: Tim Fronzek, Nosh bio’s fundraising playbook In this first episode, Alex talks to Tim Fronzek from Nosh.bio to unlock the secrets to weathering the storm of fundraising in a tumultuous investment climate. As our esteemed guest, he unveils the narrative of his company’s gripping quest for seed funding against a backdrop of spiraling …