• Mosa Meat Obtains €7.5M Funding for “Cultured Meat”

    Mosa Meats, the company who created the world’s first cultured hamburger, have just announced the procurement of €7.5M in funding from investors including M Venture and Bell Food Group, to continue in their advancement of cultured meat. The Dutch startup has led the cultured meat industry since presenting the first beef burger made directly from cow cells in 2013.

    The securing of this round of investment is the first for a European Clean Meat company, and in light of recent reports concerning the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry, this news puts Europe on the map for developments in the future of meat. The company said in their statement this week: “As the first European cultured meat company to get funded, we’re very proud but also humbled. Because the challenge before us is enormous: to keep up with growing demand for meat globally, while reducing the amount of livestock needed. Many changes are needed across several industries.”

    Mosa Meats are based in Maastricht in The Netherlands. Founders Mark Post and Peter Verstrate launched the company after successfully managing to prove their concept of real meat grown directly from animal cells in 2013, and are dedicated to the vision of “A more sustainable, animal-friendly way to satisfy the world’s demand for meat.”

    CEO of Bell Food Group, Lorenz Wyss, said of the investment: “Meat demand is soaring and in future won’t be met by livestock agriculture alone.” Whilst Alexander Hoffmann, Principal at M Ventures, stated, “Replacing traditional meat production with cultured meat would have a huge impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it would free up a large amount of resources that are now used for meat production worldwide and will completely disrupt an old-established and currently unsustainable industry.”

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