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British Meat Industry Launches Initiative to Save Market Share

The proportion of the global population that prefers a vegan or vegetarian diet has been increasing significantly for some time. Young consumers in particular are consuming much more consciously and sustainably and are increasingly avoiding meat products. This trend is being observed with concern by the UK meat industry. A broad-based initiative has now been launched to save the dying meat market. In cooperation with the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP), an “expert” group of doctors, surgeons and nutritionists, it is working on presenting meat as part of a healthy diet.

A total of around two million pounds will be spent on beef, lamb and pork. The Meat Advisory Panel is making a significant contribution to the initiative through its publicity activities. The Committee consists of a group of doctors, surgeons and nutritionists, who are supposed to give independent and objective information on red meat and its role as part of a healthy and balanced diet. According to them, there is no link between red or processed meat and an increased risk of cancer. However, various organisations which have already carried out studies in this area argue against this.

“Processed meat is likely to cause cancer and red meat, too,” the World Health Organization has said. The World Cancer Research Fund also says, “…Eating meat or a diet high in red meat is a cause of colon cancer”. Despite these scientifically unambiguous findings, British experts who are close to the industry are denying these findings and trying to paint a different picture. Whether and to what extent such an initiative will be successful is uncertain.

Further information on a study by the World Cancer Research Fund can be found in this article.

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