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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Acclaimed Plant-Based Butter for Pastry Chefs is Cheaper Than Animal Butter

Be Better, claimed to be the first specially formulated plant-based butter for pastry professionals, expands into the UK at a lower price than its animal-based counterpart, following launches in eight global markets. Be Better is 30-40% cheaper than conventional butter, according to the company, and is said to have a similar rich mouthfeel, while being lighter and less fatty. The company claims the product is also far more sustainable than dairy butter, generating 79% less CO2 and requiring 86% less water to produce. Endorsed by high end chefs Developed by the Dutch company Be Better My Friend, the butter is made from a blend of shea, organic coconut, and rapeseed oils. The product has been endorsed by top chefs such as Philip Khoury, pastry chef …


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