Cultzime builds intelligent bioreactors

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Cultzyme Builds Intelligent Bioreactors to Unlock the Potential of Biomanufacturing

Cultzyme is a Spanish bioprocessing solutions company founded last year to help biotech companies accelerate the development of cell-based foods, novel therapies, and materials. The company builds multipurpose bioreactors with an intelligent system that is said to streamline bioprocessing using the latest digital technology. Branded as Bioreactor Intelligent Operative Nanotechnology (BION), the advanced system integrates the latest hardware, AI, and cloud computing to control the biomanufacturing process and achieve consistent outcomes more efficiently and at lower costs. BION delivers scalable methods, real-time monitoring, advanced sensors, and automated control to optimize production processes. Additionally, the system provides precise control and data analytics to improve efficiency. The digital system also features innovative applications for precise temperature and maceration control and measurement to understand the internal evolution of the product, avoiding …