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Mexican Brand Announces New Process for Converting Textile Waste into Vegetable Compost

De Gyves Fashion has announced the development of a sustainable thermodynamic process, where solid waste, the product of the manufacture of its materials made from cactus, are transformed into compostable coal.

The Mexican brand specializes in the sale of clothing and accessories made from materials produced from the cactus as an alternative to animal skin and synthetic materials.

The work and research that was carried out to be able to carry out this process was achieved thanks to the chemical engineer and founder of De Gyves Fashion, Alejandro López Arriaga. The environmental commitment of this company also includes a zero-waste policy, taking into account that the fashion industry is among the most polluting in the world.

De Gyves Fashion offers a line of customised jackets and bags for women, made from plant-based materials, specifically cactus. Its manufacturing process has been developed in collaboration with Desserto, another Mexican company that won the German Green Product Awards 2020 and has worked with other companies to offer cactus-based materials for clothing, shoes, and even boxing gloves.



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