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PANVEGA Presents the World’s First Natural and GMO-Free Vitamin B12

The innovative Swiss start-up PANVEGA AG develops, manufactures and sells veganic, microbiologically formulated and enriched foods and food additives. The company aims to enable vegans and vegetarians to eat a balanced diet without the need for artificial food supplements.

One of PANVEGA’s first products was the world’s first GM-free and natural vitamin B12, the development of which was supported by Innosuisse. PANVEGA has the exclusive distribution rights to the B12, and it is manufactured by a Swiss partner company. The first foods enriched with the B12 are made by another renowned Swiss manufacturer and are available in Switzerland under the veg’ N co brand.

PANVEGA and its ProVeg products were first presented at the Health Ingredients (HI) Europe trade fair in Frankfurt at the end of November 2018 as part of their ‘Plant-Based Experience’ programme.

Dr. Andreas Schenzle, President and CEO of PANVEGA, explains: “Our vitamin B12, which is unique worldwide, is GMO-free and as natural as wine or sauerkraut. That’s why, unlike conventional B12, it can be used in certified organic foods. The organic and vegan-certified veg’ N co foods all contain at least the legally recommended daily dose of B12 in one serving. This solves a key issue in plant-based nutrition.”

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