Easter Colomba Cake

© Seggiano

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Seggiano Launches Its First Ever Vegan Easter Colomba Cake

Ethical artisan Italian food brand Seggiano is now offering a vegan Easter Colomba cake for the first time ever. Made in the shape of a dove, the traditional cake is leavened overnight with yeast and left to rise twice more. It contains ingredients such as cocoa butter, candied orange peel, natural vanilla, linseed flour, and turmeric. Before being baked, it is topped with a crunchy hazelnut glaze containing whole almonds. The Colomba cake is made at a small family bakery near Lake Garda and is free of industrial emulsifiers, stabilizers, binders, and preservatives. It is said to represent the Easter themes of hope, peace, and renewal. The new product has been launched after Seggiano’s vegan panettone, introduced last Christmas, received an extremely positive response. “Lovingly …