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Cathedral City Launches Its First Vegan Cheese

The UK’s top-selling cheddar cheese brand, Cathedral City, has launched its first ever plant-based product.

The vegan cheese is an alternative to mature cheddar, and like the brand’s dairy cheese, it is available in three formats — block, grated, and slices. Cathedral City says it has been working to develop the product for several years.

“This launch is a momentous occasion for Cathedral City”

The plant-based cheddar is made from a blend of coconut oil and potato starch. The company said it had sought feedback from consumers who eat a dairy-free diet, and found that 84% said they would purchase it.

Food By Sumear Cheese Wheel
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The vegan cheese market

A report earlier this year found that the global vegan cheese market is now worth over $9,160 million, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.22% to reach almost $15 million by 2027. A few months later, another report suggested that the increasing number of vegan cheese product launches is the main driver of market growth.

“Demand for free from alternatives is soaring but for some shoppers, such as flexitarians, there hasn’t been an offering which is good enough to encourage them to purchase regularly,” said Neil Stewart, Cathedral City head of marketing. “This launch is a momentous occasion for Cathedral City; extending our portfolio into dairy-free alternatives for the first time with a range of great tasting alternatives to cheese, meaning more people can enjoy our delicious products.”

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