• DuPont Unveils New Plant-Based Protein Nuggets

    DuPont Nutrition & Health announce the unveiling of a new range featuring pea and soy protein options that add texture and higher protein content to snacks, cereals, nutritional bars and more. The new line offers six plant protein nuggets which use pea protein, an increasingly popular plant protein which provides several nutritional benefits.

    Six new plant protein nuggets from the SUPRO® and TRUPRO™ product range offer options that feature more protein and less sodium than previous offerings, in a broader array of formats and textures. Plant protein ‘nuggets’ or ‘crisps’ are extruded ingredients that are commonly used in nutrition bars, snacks and cereals to increase protein content while delivering “crunchy” texture.

    Pea protein is an increasingly popular plant-based protein source. It doesn’t require allergen labeling, allowing brand owners to appeal to consumers with those concerns. New DuPont pea protein nuggets, derived from conventionally grown, non-GM yellow peas, contain 70 percent protein (dry basis) and are now offered in a greater variety of shapes.

    According to Euromonitor, snack bars are expected to outperform the overall packaged food market globally through 2023, with particularly strong growth in Latin America (5.0 percent CAGR), Europe (4.3 percent CAGR), and North America (2.4 percent CAGR).

    “Snacking is an increasing trend around the globe, particularly among younger consumers. Our market research has revealed that more than two-thirds of Millennials eat at least two snacks a day, and that they are more likely to opt for high-protein snacks than any other age group,” said Chris Schmidt, Bar Industry Team Leader, NAFTA. “Applications like nutrition bars are well-positioned to deliver against consumer demands for high-protein, convenient and portable snacks that provide great sensory qualities.”

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