• Tyson Foods Declare Themselves “Sustainable”

    Tyson Foods is the world’s second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork and annually exports the largest percentage of beef products out of the US into other markets. This week, Tyson (which kills 6,000,000 chickens, 30,000 cattle, and 48,000 pigs every day), have stated on their blog that “sustainability is at the core of all we do.”

    Tyson have been branching out into plant-based proteins and invested in Beyond Meat and Memphis Meats, in addition to launching their own brand plant-based line Green Street.

    The blog post, which was published following the Good Food conference, states: “Not everyone at the Good Food Conference was happy to see representatives from the largest producer of animal protein in the U.S. And that’s okay. To thrive and adapt to consumer trends, new industries need competition and, well, a little controversy. But in the end, there’s common ground between us and those who don’t always support our business —the need to feed our growing world population more sustainably.”

    Tyson CFO Tom Mastrobuoni continues, “We believe that alternative proteins, whether from plants or the lab, can co-exist with traditional animal protein,” and adds, “Sustainability is at the core of all we do: we’re the world’s largest producer of no-antibiotics-ever chicken. This spring we set a two-million-acre land stewardship target. We have a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030. And investing in alternative proteins is also essential to that sustainability strategy.”

    With a possible nod to some of the controversy surrounding Tyson, Mastrobuoni acknowledges; “We don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. But we’re willing to participate in our own disruption by investing in alternative proteins, focusing on long-term sustainability and working to provide consumers with the products they want.”


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