Lidl announces price parity of own brand Vemondo range

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Just 6 Food Retailers Can Have Significant Impact on Climate & Planet by Shift to 50% Plant Proteins by 2030

A new report by Dutch research consultancy Profundo commissioned by US environmental group Madre Brava shows that the world’s leading supermarket chains have the power to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and achieve significant climate, land, and water benefits for humans, animals, and the planet.   According to the report, if food retailers Ahold Delhaize from the Netherlands, Carrefour from France, Thailand’s CP All, Lidl from Germany, Tesco from the UK, and the world’s second-largest foodservice company Sodexo (France), achieve 50% plant-based sales by 2030, they would reduce GHG by 31.6 million tonnes per year — equivalent to removing more than 25 million cars from EU roads.   Additionally, since global beef, pork, and poultry production negatively impacts land and water use, such an …