Stella McCartney unveiled her iconic luxury handbags made with Mirum

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Stella McCartney Unveils Iconic Handbags Made with Animal and Plastic Free Leather MIRUM

During her Winter 2023 show, sustainable British designer Stella McCartney unveiled her iconic luxury handbags, Falabella and Frayme, crafted from MIRUM, a plastic and animal-free leather.  By introducing MIRUM, the Stella McCartney house is continuing to expand its offer of animal-friendly alternatives and promoting sustainability for the planet. According to Stella McCartney, FAO figures show that 1.4 billion animal skins were used in global leather production only in 2020, with tanning processes that use and produce toxic chemicals and gases. The future of fashion has arrived Developed by US materials company Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), MIRUM is a customizable material made with certified bio-based ingredients such as natural rubber, natural fibers, vegetable oils, and pigments, including biochar and oxide. It does not contain any plastics or require …


Mirum X Brave Gentleman

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Brave GentleMan Launches Mirum Alt Leather Gender Neutral Shoe Collection

Brooklyn-based vegan menswear brand Brave GentleMan has teamed up with sustainable material expert Natural Fiber Welding to launch a gender-neutral shoe collection made from the company’s iconic Mirum leather alternative. Setting new sustainability standards Launched in 2019, Natural Fiber Welding’s innovative Mirum leather alternative is described as a “categorically new, plant-based material” most suitable for applications in footwear, automotive, and accessories. Backed by car manufacturer BMW, the company has proven there is a place for leather alternatives entirely made from biodegradable ingredients in fashion. Natural Fiber Welding collaborated with luxury fashion brands in the past, including Germany’s Melinda Bucher for its plant-based handbags, however, the goal of the technology company is to commercialize its sustainable material solutions on a large scale, as it is the …


Natural Fiber Welding collaborates with Veshin

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Veshin Announces Partnership With Natural Fiber Welding

Veshin – a Chinese factory that produces fashion accessories for sustainable brands around the world, announces a partnership with Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) to create products made with the company’s leather alternative, Mirum. As part of the partnership, a team of expert designers and craftspeople with decades of experience will help brands source, design, scale, and launch products made with Mirum. The leather alternative is a high-performance, plastic-free material which is rapidly gaining popularity in the luxury accessory industry, having been used by brands such as Germany’s Melina Bucher. Plastic-free alt leather “Many ‘vegan leathers’ are marketed as ‘plant-based,’ but they also contain plastics like polyurethane. NFW believes ‘vegan’ should mean ‘plants’, not ‘plastic’,” Natural Fiber Welding told vegconomist in 2019. Veshin founder, Joey Pringle, …