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The Vegetarian Butcher Debuts “Sacrifice Nothing” Ad Campaign on Spanish TV

The Vegetarian Butcher, Unilever’s plant-based meat brand, aired its TV commercial, “Sacrifice Nothing,” for the first time in Spain. The spot also highlighted El Gran Capo, the brand’s first vegan chicken breast for sale in the country. As in the spot’s English version, the TV ad in Spanish uses the tagline “sacrifice nothing” to deliver the brand’s intention of becoming a vegan butcher with a double message: the brand’s expertise in mimicking beef, pork, and chicken using vegetables without “sacrificing” meat’s real taste and by not “sacrificing” animals for their meat. The Vegetarian Butcher’s TV campaign intends to reinforce the brand’s mission found in its marketing ads and webpage: “The Vegetarian Butcher is the traditional butcher of the past but with the meat of the future. …