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This Week in Vegan Shoes: Adidas “Plant and Grow” Sandals & Recycled Aluminum Foil Sneakers

This week sees two new interesting vegan shoe launches, both from German companies: sportswear producer Adidas and high-end sneaker brand nat-2. Adidas “Plant and Grow” sandals Adidas has launched its new EQT 93 “Plant and Grow” sandals, made from fully vegan materials including rubber and textile. Said to be inspired by “guerrilla gardening” (cultivating plants in public places that are not being cared for), the sandals have speckled soles that mimic soil. The Plant and Grow shoes are based on Adidas’ classic EQT 93 silhouette, but feature earthy colors such as Green Oxide, Brown, and Easy Yellow. They are said to “put comfort in every step”. Adidas has previously launched shoes made with mushroom leather, along with vegan football boots co-designed by Stella McCartney. In …


Biomaterials company Bolt Threads has announced plans to become a public company listed on the Nasdaq through a SPAC agreement.

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Bolt Threads: “Working to Design More Sustainable Versions of the Materials People Already Know and Love”

Bolt Threads shot to fame in the fashion world with its innovative alt leather product Mylo, the “unleather” gloriously made from mycelium fungal structures, and recently received a prestigious vegan certification. “We at Bolt Threads are proud to be leading the movement to create these necessary alternatives to traditional materials using advanced science and bio-based solutions.” Following a recently formed consortium of iconic companies including Adidas, Kering, Lululemon, and Stella McCartney, Mylo mushroom unleather continues to hit the shelves and catwalks globally with many more to be announced soon. As Bolt Threads looks to expand and scale the reach of Mylo, the company has announced a new collaboration with fashion house Ganni to create Mylo-based products as part of a 2022 collection, with Ganni committing …




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Mexico’s DESSERTO Cactus Alt Leather Gets V-Label Certification, Launches Boxing Gloves with Adidas

DESSERTO, the biomaterial made from cactus from Mexico, has obtained the V-Label certification, the most internationally recognized mark for the labeling of vegan and vegetarian products and services. The alt leather brand has also announced a new line of boxing gloves made with Adidas.  The V-Label seal has become the most widely used vegan symbol worldwide with more than 40,000 certified vegan-friendly products. The certification guarantees that the product is totally free of ingredients of animal origin. DESSERTO has been proving the versatility of the biomaterial recently, collaborating with BMW and H&M amongst others, while also winning awards from PETA.  The certification coincides with the launch of the new Tilt 350 boxing gloves made with DESSERTO in partnership with multinational Adidas Boxing. The boxing glove …


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Adidas Unveils its First Vegan Football Boot, Co-Created By Stella McCartney and Man United’s Paul Pobga

The first-ever vegan football boot by adidas, the interestingly titled Predator Freak, uses part recycled materials and components which adidas says were “closely analysed to ensure they conform to both vegan and elite performance standards.” The boot is gender-neutral and created with the sustainability ethics which Stella McCartney says she holds close throughout her work. Adidas has been addressing sustainability issues for a few years. Back in 2019, the sportswear giant created a pair of algae-based shoes in collaboration with Kanye West. The following year, it veganised some of its classic shoes and began looking into recycling its materials. In January this year, adidas collaborated with Bolt Threads on shoes made from mushroom leather, then in February, adidas announced a total ban on fur in …



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Sports Giant Adidas Becomes 1500th Brand to Ban Fur

German sportswear giant Adidas has announced a total ban on fur use in its product range, making it the 1500th clothing and footwear company to join the likes of H&M, Marks & Spencer and Asos as a certified Fur Free Retailer.   The Fur Free Retailer program is an initiative from The Fur Free Alliance, along with the Fur Free Britain campaign from The Humane Society in partnership with UK newspaper The Daily Mirror. The aim of the latter is a total ban on the use of animal fur across the UK, as more than a dozen European countries have done, including Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands. If you’d like to show your support you can find the petition here.  According to stats from the campaign, …



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Kanye West Creates an Algae-Based Vegan Sneaker for Adidas

According to Mashable, Rapper Kanye West and Yeezy head shoe designer, Steven Smith, recently unveiled the new sustainable vegan sneaker prototype. This collaboration between Adidas and West is an algae-based shoe made with ingredients grown in Wyoming. The prototype was produced in Atlanta, Georgia, and within the next two years, plans are to manufacture the footwear in the US.



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Reebok Respond to Pressure with 100% Vegan Shoe

Reebok and PETA have announced that Reebok’s ‘plant-based’ shoe, launched last year, is now 100% vegan. Reebok, a subsidiary company of sports giant Adidas was founded in the UK, where veganism has exploded. Millennials in the UK and beyond are driving the retail market with their searches for animal-free alternatives, and this includes sports shoes.



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Stella McCartney Designs Vegan Stan Smiths

Vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has had a long-standing relationship with sports brand Adidas which spans 13 years.  Her high-end luxury sportswear collection has been popular with consumers especially in UK and US markets. Now she has launched a vegan version of the iconic sports shoe, the Stan Smith, which the 6th most instagrammed shoe style of all time. Stella McCartney’s version of the Stan Smith created for Adidas is made entirely of vegan leather and follows in the footsteps of Veja Shoes whose vegan brand have seen enormous success of late. This new launch is in-keeping with the recent announcement from Adidas that it will opt for source materials coming from renewable resources and aim to have an emphasis on reutilising plastic from the …