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JUST Has Sold the Equivalent of Over 40 Million Plant-Based Eggs, Plans Expansion into India

According to its Impact Report 2020, JUST has today announced it has sold the equivalent of more than 40 million eggs made entirely of plants. JUST also tells us of plans to secure a partner and begin production in India in 2021.

With meat and dairy providing only 18% of the calories we eat and 37% of our protein, while using 83% of the farmland, JUST Egg is one of the most sustainable protein sources on the planet using 98% less water, 86% less land, while creating a 93% smaller carbon footprint than conventional animal sources. These numbers have helped JUST save just under 6 million kgs of CO2e, the equivalent of over 12 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle; 2,435 acres of land that were not needed to grow chicken feed, and 1.48 billion gallons of water, the equivalent of 1,900 full Olympic-size swimming pools.

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India plans

According to Andrew Noyes, head of communication at JUST, the company is “currently talking to several of the largest food companies in India to establish a relationship like the one with Michael Foods in the U.S. to do the manufacturing, sales and distribution of JUST Egg. We want to secure a partner and begin production in India in 2021.

With an estimated 400 million vegetarians in India, the country is an attractive market for JUST. According to a recent poll of consumers in India conducted by the company, 80% of respondents said they would be likely to buy JUST Egg with most respondents citing attributes like high protein, heart health and environmental awareness as reasons that they would buy JUST Egg.

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“Humane Society International/India believes that plant-based food is the future of protein. We are delighted that Just is making strides with their historic partnerships across the world and we cannot wait for them to come to India. India is the third-largest producers of eggs in the world and we are sure consumers looking to switch to a more sustainable and animal-friendly option will also welcome it wholeheartedly,” said Alokparna Sengupta, managing director, HSI/India.”

Stay tuned for our interview with JUST CEO Josh Tetrick, coming soon.

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