• Loryma and Viscofan Partner to Develop a Wheat-Based Concept for Meat-Free Sausages.

    German company Loryma has announced that, through partnering with Viscofan, a Spanish manufacturer of meat casings, they have developed a perfectly balanced recipe for vegan grilled and fried sausages based on wheat ingredients. The result is a plant-based bratwurst that is reportedly both firm and juicy, with an authentic texture.

    Loryma, a member of the Crespel & Deiters Group, is a producer of globally distributed wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends with an expertise of more than 40 years. The company is located in Zwingenberg, where experts develop future-proof solutions that simultaneously meet the needs of the food industry as well as the rising requirement for healthy nutrition in a growing world population.


    In addition to the classic bratwurst, there are numerous other possibilities for meat-free consumer products, including white sausages, curry sausages, fine Nuremberger and coarse grilled sausages.

    The company combines textured wheat proteins Lory® Tex Granules and binding system Lory® Bind with an inhouse seasoning mix. The 100% plant-based sausage mix can be adapted as required by manufacturers, without compromising on taste or bite. It is being released ahead of the summer to target the BBQ season, with the hope that the COVID 19 lockdown will not interfere with this product launch.

    Henrik Hetzer, Managing Director of Loryma, explains: “We focus on high quality, regional, wheat-based raw materials that can satisfy demand for vegan end products while guaranteeing the best possible nutritional values. With Viscofan, we have found a perfect partner for the manufacture of synthetic casings. As a result, we are able to offer 100% vegetable sausage components that can be adapted as required by manufacturers, without compromising on taste or bite.”

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