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EAT HAPPY Trials Vegan Fish Sushi in Austria Where Vegan Diet is “Rising Steadily”

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EAT HAPPY, an in-store sushi concept and leading supplier of Asian convenience products in mainland Europe, launches three plant-based fish sushi products, stating that the company sees the “proportion of those people who eat a purely vegan diet rising steadily in Austria”.

The products being trialed at four initial test markets in Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck are Vegan Salmon Nigiri, Vegan Salmon Maki, and Vegan Tuna California. The vegan sushi products are set to expand nationally throughout Austria after the test phase.

EAT HAPPY’s plant-based offerings

EAT HAPPY is represented in more than 3,000 locations in stationary food retailers throughout Europe and operates 50 EAT HAPPY Shops as well as in more than 1,000 chests at stores such as Billa and Spar.

EAT HAPPY'S vegan sushi range "Onlyplants"
OnlyPlants vegan sushi range ©EAT HAPPY

Last May, the group launched a new range of plant-based sushi creations called OnlyPlants, incorporating sushi boxes, one bowl, and a side salad.

In what appears to be the group’s first meat or fish alternative product, this April the group introduced vegan “Waygu” beef from Canada’s Wamame Foods, marking the entrance of the gourmet plant meat on the European market.

Vegan diet rising steadily in Austria

“We see the proportion of those people who eat a purely vegan diet rising steadily in Austria as well,” says Peter Sturm, CEO EAT HAPPY Austria. The reasons are varied and range from animal welfare, environmental concerns to a general interest in healthy and purely plant-based products on the plate.

“In the vegan version of our sushi, we use fish substitutes. But here, too, it was important for us to follow the EAT HAPPY philosophy and use only top quality with unique and natural flavors,” adds Sturm.

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