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The EVERY Co. Unveils “World’s First” Animal-Free Egg White, Debuting in Iconic French Macarons

San Francisco’s The EVERY Co. has launched what it claims is the first animal-free egg white on the market. The company uses precision fermentation to produce real egg proteins without the use of animals. According to EVERY, the egg white has all the functionality of the traditional variety, including whipping and gelling properties. When used in baking, it provides the same height, foam stability, aeration, and texture as animal-derived egg whites. EVERY EggWhite is suitable for vegans, but not for those with egg allergies as it contains nature-equivalent egg proteins. Animal-free macarons To celebrate the launch, EVERY has partnered with Chantal Guillon, makers of iconic French macarons. The company will offer limited-edition macarons made with EVERY EggWhite, sold in boxes of six in the flavours …


Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of The EVERY Company in EVERY's corporate kitchen, South San Francisco, California

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Investments & Finance

The EVERY Company Announces $175M in Series C Bringing Total Raise to $233M

The EVERY Company announces $175M in Series C funding, making a total raise to date of $233 million. The animal-free protein producer, which rebranded from Clara Foods this October, reports that the round was “heavily oversubscribed due to strong investor appetite to fill the growing supply gap for animal-free protein”. San Francisco-based EVERY, which currently produces EVERY ClearEgg™, EVERY EggWhite™, and EVERY Pepsin, will use the capital to scale production, commercialize a “robust pipeline of animal-free protein products” across the US, and expand into new food applications. EVERY™ has developed a platform that produces real animal proteins without the involvement of any animal, last year launched the world’s first animal-free pepsin with Fortune 500 ingredients company, Ingredion, and recently released what it claims is the world’s …


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San Francisco’s Clara Foods Rebrands as The EVERY Company, Launches “World’s First” Vegan Egg Protein

Animal-free egg protein producer Clara Foods has rebranded as The EVERY Company, as the San Francisco-based food tech company launches the “world’s first” animal-free egg protein – EVERY ClearEgg. “The EVERY brand name embodies our values of collaboration and optimism, and our belief that by working together we can build a more sustainable future for everyone” Unveiling the new name and look, The EVERY Company claims to have successfully created super-functional animal proteins without the animal with its EVERY ClearEgg offering. Claiming to be the world’s first animal-free, nature-equivalent egg protein, The EVERY Company’s first egg protein offers a highly soluble, nearly invisible protein boost for use in food and beverage products.  The EVERY Company is now developing its egg protein portfolio to offer a …


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Company News

Clara Foods Partners With ZX Ventures to Produce Animal-Free Egg Protein on a Large Scale

Animal-free protein producer Clara Foods has announced a collaboration with global investment and innovation group ZX Ventures. The partnership will work on scaling precision fermentation to produce more animal-free egg proteins. The news comes shortly after the astounding data from the PBFA and GFI which revealed that plant-based eggs grew 168% in 2020 – almost 10 times the rate of poultry eggs.