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What’s Driving Consumers to Try Plant-Based Egg Products?

Plant-based eggs are gaining consumer favour. This isn’t a recent development, however, the rate at which the industry is growing is surprising. In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International uncovers the main consumer motivators for plant-based eggs and dives into the micro-drivers within each.  Throughout the piece, ProVeg shares insights to equip businesses with the knowledge they need to understand their consumers and attract them to the blossoming alt-egg market. Consumers value health  Research shows that health is the greatest driver in the plant-based egg market, due to numerous health risks and allergies associated with animal-based eggs, as well as the benefits of consuming plant-based alternatives. Plant-based eggs appeal to health-conscious consumers for a number of reasons: Low to no cholesterol: By swapping …


Plant-Based Nanoparticles Antibiotic Resistance

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Plant-Based Nanoparticles Can Combat Antibiotic Resistance

The use of plant-based nanoparticles has been studied by medical researchers with positive results, with the findings showing a range of applications to the pharmaceutical industry and medicine. This includes the advantages of using plant-based nanoparticles to combat antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a major and growing concern in the medical field, with resistance caused due to excessive use of antibiotics in livestock and humans. At present, ineffective and costly drugs are used to treat antibiotic resistance, so scientists are looking at new approaches such as nanoparticles.  Nanoparticles synthesized from gold and silver have proven effective in overcoming antibiotic resistance, though they are toxic and not safe for widespread use. Turning to plant-based solutions, the researchers found nanoparticles synthesized from plants are less toxic for …





70% of Medicines Contain Substances of Animal Origin – Veggiepharm is Here to Make Change Happen

Veggiepharm was founded by Luc Lamirault and Kévin Bondiguel in 2017 as the very first pharmaceutical company to develop medicines certified without animal ingredients and not tested on animals. The two founders come from Medipha Santé, an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory that develops drugs and acts as a service provider for other French and international laboratories.


Plantbased Business Hour

Are Phytonutrients The Answer to Our Health Crisis?

Are phytonutrients the answer to our health crisis? Sofia Elizondo, co-founder & COO of Brightseed joins Elysabeth Alfano on the Plantbased Business Hour to discuss how AI technology is breaking through “Dark Matter” and revolutionizing our health. 1) What the heck is Dark Matter? 2) Why do we need AI to find it? 3) Why has it taken so long?  and 4) Will big pharma be a competitor or a collaborator? Find out on the Plantbased Business Hour.  A highlight clip (2:27) of Sophia discussing the cutting edge between science and health, and plants and nutrition is below. For the full interview, click here.  Click here for the audio podcast. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always …



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Yemoja: “There is a Vast Ocean of Microalgae Species Not Yet Discovered”

Marine ingredient startup, Yemoja, Ltd., has created a next-gen platform for cultivating customized, microalgae on demand. Co-founder Amikam Bar-Gil says, “Microalgae are sunlight-driven, single-celled factories, and by nature highly resilient and versatile. They also are a powerful source of natural, vegan, bioactive ingredients.”


Thomas Herget Head Innovation Hub Silicon Valley at Merck Group

Thomas Herget Head Innovation Hub Silicon Valley at Merck Group


Merck Life Science: “It Will Take at Least Ten Years for Clean Meat to Gain Some Market Share”

Thomas Herget Head Innovation Hub Silicon Valley at Merck Group
Thomas Herget, Head Innovation Hub Silicon Valley at Merck Group

Numerous startups around the world are researching the mass production of clean meat. In its innovation centre, Merck has defined clean meat as one of its innovation fields. And via its Life Science Business sector, Merck offers those companies faster research and development with their know-how, tools and cell culture media. We talked to Thomas Herget, Head Innovation Hub Silicon Valley, about what Merck is doing in the field of clean meat, when it might catch on and how it may change the food landscape in the decades to come.