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Redefine Meat Reports Record Veganuary With 70 New Restaurant Partnerships

Redefine Meat reports a record Veganuary with over 70 new food service customers onboarded across Europe.

In the 12 months following Redefine’s impressive $135 million financing round, the Israeli company has seen continued success, bolstered by its partnership with Giraudi Meats, Europe’s leading importer of high-end meat, and further expedited by this year’s Veganuary campaign.

The “New Meat” products have now launched commercially across the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria and Finland, as detailed below.

a 3-d printed steak on a plate
© Redefine Meat


  • New restaurant partnerships in the Netherlands include Boterlap, Koks gemert, Wildschut, Luxembourgh and Shakshuk.
  • Redefine commercially-launched Redefine Pulled Beef, Pulled Pork, and Redefine Bratwurst within the Dutch market.


  • Across Germany, hundreds of restaurants nationwide are serving New Meat following accelerated growth during Veganuary.
  •  Mundfein, launching its first Redefine Meat Pizza, ‘Heinrich’, across all 40 of its locations nationwide featuring plant-based meatballs created from the Redefine Meat lamb kebab mix.
  • Redefine Meat also announces its first logistics partner for food services, Dewender, further bolstering its supply chain in the country.
Plant-based sausage
© Redefine Meat

The UK

  • In Britain, London restaurant chain The Breakfast Club partnered with Redefine Meat for two new Veganuary specials launched across all sites – The Works: a veggie and vegan fry-up, and a Posh Sausage Sandwich: made with Redefine Meat Bratwurst Sausage. Additionally, the Redefine Burger is available as the new plant-based Cheeseburger.
  • Also in the UK this month, Redefine Meat’s newly-launched Tenderloin premium cut was added to four more London menus including Meraki, Chotto Matte and Powerplant.
The Breakfast Club
© The Breakfast Club

CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit states: “We’ve come an incredible way since last Veganuary when New-meat debuted on the first menu in Europe. Fast forward 12 months, Redefine Meat is in thousands of locations globally and brought to market 16 new product innovations – including four premium cuts previously considered impossible.

“The uptake of New-meat has been phenomenal, and this Veganuary we celebrate a new era of no-compromise meat-eating that meets the needs of meat lovers, vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans alike. We’re extremely excited to see what 2023 brings, as we ramp up production with our new large-scale factory in the Netherlands to support our ambitious expansion across Europe.”

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