Arla JÖRĐ, a relaunch of Arla Food's 100% plant-based brand JÖRĐ, has debuted in Sweden this week, offering a range of oat-based products.

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World’s 5th Biggest Dairy Company Arla Foods Relaunches JÖRĐ Brand in Sweden

Arla JÖRĐ, a relaunch of Arla Food’s 100% plant-based brand JÖRĐ, has debuted in Sweden this week, offering a range of oat-based products. Arla JÖRD features the dairy giant’s logo, a new color scheme, and the products have a new enhanced recipe. According to The Grocer, the relaunch aims to homogenize the brand with other Arla products, including Arla Cravendale and Arla Lactofree. Best product mix The Swedish launch features six products, including fermented and flavored yogurts, oat drinks, and barista milk for making coffee and latte art. JÖRĐ’s range is made with Swedish oats. The new recipe is said be packed with proteins and enriched with essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamin D, and folic acid (B9). Additionally, all the products are lactose-free and …


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The Rise of Plant-Based Butter: Market Poised for Exponential Growth by 2030

The vegan butter market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030, driven by health-conscious consumers, as it is considered a healthier alternative to butter, according to ResearchAndMarkets. Since butter is a ubiquitous ingredient in cooking and baking, developing alternatives has been imperative. Many companies have successfully created incredible products that replicate the taste and, more importantly, the functions of dairy butter. Let’s take a look at the alternatives stealing the spotlight:  Willicroft Original Better Willicroft, Europe’s first plant-based cheese brand to achieve B-Corp certification, recently launched Willicroft Original Better, a clean-label alternative to butter for cooking and baking applications. The NPD is made with beans and precise fermentation (not precision) that uses non-GMO bacteria. This process allows it to replicate butyric …


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Arla to Launch Plant-Based Version of Lurpak Spreadable Butter

Danish-Swedish dairy cooperative Arla has announced that it plans to launch a plant-based version of Lurpak, its market-leading butter brand. A spreadable plant-based butter alternative will reportedly arrive on supermarket shelves next year, launching in both the UK and Denmark. It comes as figures show that 80% of Lurpak customers are over the age of 45, suggesting that some younger consumers may be opting for plant-based products instead. Lurpak remains the UK’s top-selling butter brand, with five times the sales of competitors such as Flora. However, sales figures fell by 4.7% last year compared to 2021, and the company is looking to cater to changing consumer tastes. According to Arla, the plant-based butter will be a premium product, matching the quality and price range of …