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Juicy Marbles’ Whole-Cut Plant-Based Loin to Launch in the UK in Time for Christmas

Juicy Marbles‘ latest plant-based meat product, a whole-cut beef-style loin, will be available for UK customers to purchase over the festive season.

“We’re preparing a guide on how to use it for a delicious Wellington”

The beef-style loin, which according to the company is the “biggest piece of plant-based meat ever conceived“, will go on sale via the company’s website from December 1st.

a man cutting a piece of plant-based whole cut on top of a white cutting board
© Juicy Marbles

Raw and unseasoned 

Juicy Marbles’ whole-cut loin is a versatile piece of plant-based meat that can be grilled, broiled, or boiled. It can also be used to make broth, or cut into fillets, chunks, or slices. The main ingredients are non-GMO soy, sunflower oil, and beetroot powder, and the product has a Nutri-Score rating of A. It comes uncooked and unseasoned to allow customers to express their preferences and creativity.

Plant-based whole-cut pioneer

Although other animal-free steaks have been developed, Juicy Marbles’ products are not lab-grown or 3D-printed. Instead, they are produced using proprietary plant-based 3D assembly technology that re-creates the texture and fat marbling present in animal meats. 

a box of juicy marbles' whole cut loin in a fridge
© Juicy Marbles

Considered a plant-based whole cut pioneer after the commercial release of its Thick Cut Filet — the industry’s first plant-based filet mignon — Juicy Marbles has been shipping limited releases of its products on a DTC basis across Europe and the US. 

“With nearly 2lbs of 100% plant-based meat, this cut enables anyone from the novice cook to the experienced chef to create steaks, broths, bowls, roasts, and sandwiches. For Christmas, we’re preparing a guide on how to use it for a delicious Wellington,” says the company.

The whole-cut loin will be for sale via the Juicy Marbles website from December 1st.

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