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Poll: Majority of Gen Z is in Favor of a Vegan Diet, With 7-in-10 Planning to Stay Vegan Over Next Five Years

Health website Medical Inspiration Daily For Stronger Society (MIDSS) recently polled 3,000 Gen Z individuals to gain new perspectives on the future of the food and health industry. According to the poll, the Gen Z population (individuals born between 1997-2012) is currently the main driver of the US vegan market, with 70% who identify as vegan saying they will continue to pursue the diet in the next five years.  To conduct its poll, MIDSS says it surveyed 3,000 vegans and non-vegans belonging to the Gen Z age demographic in February 2023.  Among its top findings, the survey found about 50% of vegans chose the lifestyle because of its health benefits, with 17% motivated by animal cruelty concerns, and another 17% choosing the diet for environmental …


a vegan man and woman couple that found each other using Grazer app

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Products & Launches

Dating App Grazer Relaunches as ‘Meatless Matchmaker’ for World Vegan Day

Grazer, a UK dating and friend-finding app dedicated solely to vegans and vegetarians, has relaunched for World Vegan Day. The app has also rebranded, describing itself as “the meatless matchmaker”. “You don’t have to cuddle a carnivore or put your ethics aside for a ride. If you’re looking for something serious or not so serious, Grazer is here to be your meatless matchmaker,” says the company. “A serious glow-up” The Grazer app was founded by Lewis Foster and Charlotte Elizabeth, both vegans with experience of dating meat-eaters. In 2021, the app was among the 21 startups that received full or partial funding through Vevolution’s investment marketplace.   Earlier this year, Grazer raised over $400,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. This enabled the company to rebrand, accelerate its …


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Studies & Numbers

New Whitepaper Reveals How Gen Z is Driving Change in the Plant-Based Space

Innophos has published a whitepaper called Solutions for Plant-Based Meat Substitutes, highlighting solutions to solve the challenges around formulating plant-based meat substitutes. The new whitepaper presents case studies that showcase how the right phosphate and protein combinations can improve the texture and taste of plant-based meat substitute products. The report covers: Consumer trends and how Gen Z is driving change in the plant-based space The challenges of formulating meat substitutes with plant-based proteins Detailed case studies on the impact of phosphate technologies on texture in a variety of plant-based meat substitutes. “Following a highly attended presentation at IFT First 22, we are excited to share the science behind the unique benefits that phosphates bring to plant-based products,” said Eugenia Erlij, Vice President of Marketing and …


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Sweets & Snacks

Premium Belgian Chocolate Manufacturer Kyoot Introduces Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate For Gen Z

Premium Belgian chocolate manufacturer Kyoot recently launched its new Vegan Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate targeted toward health-conscious Gen Z customers. Kyoot is on a mission to make next-level vegan chocolate for next-generation snackers. Not even a year after launching, Kyoot was awarded the Soho Chance Award in the Consumer Food and Drink category and stocked across London’s concept stores, newsagents, and gourmet grocers. Kyoot was founded by British-Lebanese Noor Freiha, a former chemical engineer who searched for a better-for-you bar that didn’t compromise on flavour. Today, the company’s bars are carefully crafted by world-class chocolatiers in Belgium, with the notion of making chocolate a fun experience, while committing to all-natural ingredients and sustainability. The high-quality chocolate range, which features ethically grown organic cacao by small-scale …


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Studies & Numbers

Top 10 Most Vegan-Friendly and Future-Ready Cities Revealed

Abillion, the world’s fastest-growing platform for reviewing plant-based food and products, just released a report determining the 10 best cities in the world for conscious citizens. These cities are said to particularly attract young people in the future, with plant-based nutrition playing a major role. For its new report, the platform has assessed global cities based on how much they have embraced plant-based lifestyles, their commitment to green policies, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and waste. According to abillion, these factors are indicators of where people want to live, especially for the very mobile Generation Z and Millennials who place personal well-being as highly as professional success. For these generations, ethics, commitments to causes, diversity and inclusion, and especially sustainable options, are part of …


Aleph Farms and The Technion Reveal Worlds First Cultivated Ribeye Steak

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Studies & Numbers

Cell Cultured Meat is Likely to Constitute 40% of Future Meat Consumption

A new piece of research published today May 11 by the journal Foods and led by Keri Szejda, PhD, surveyed a large, representative sample of 2,018 US and 2,034 UK consumers, regarding openness to cell-cultured meat. The results strongly suggest that cell-cultured meat is likely to make up a major part of consumers’ future diets.


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Market & Trends

Arizton Report Claims Global Plant-Based Meat Market Size to Reach Revenues of over $12 Billion by 2025

According to Arizton Advisory and Intelligence, a producer of market research reports, the global plant-based meat market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during the period 2019−2025. The report discusses the African Swine Fever disruption, the growth of pea protein, and the increased demand for environmentally-friendly meat replacements. 


Aleph Farms to the USDA- Clean meat can improve food safety W (002)

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Cell-Based Pioneers Aleph Farms Opens Visitor Centre and Gen-Z Program in Bid to Foster Transparency in Cultured Meat

Cultured Meat specialist Aleph Farms announces an educational complex to showcase to the public its nature-inspired approach to producing cultured meat. The company first cultivated meat outside of an animal in 2018, and September 2019 announced that it had even created its product at an International Space Station.