Schouten has introduced an NPD for the plant-based snack segment: Vegetable Bites.

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Schouten Launches Plant-Based Snack for Kids Packed with 46% Vegetables

As insufficient vegetable intake continues to be a growing problem, especially among children, Schouten, a pioneering Dutch company in plant proteins, has introduced an NPD for the plant-based snack segment: Vegetable Bites. Schouten’s new bites, packed with 46% vegetables, include corn, carrot, garden peas, onion, and red bell pepper. The nuggets are said to offer a crunchy texture. To make them appealing to children and adults alike, they come in heart, round, and star shapes. “80% of the children who tried the bites would like to eat them again. Adults also responded very positively to this introduction,” comments Kees Van den Heuvel, Trade Marketer at Schouten. The growing snacking category According to Van den Heuvel, the NPD addresses the increasing demand for plant-based snacks and the …


Actual Veggies founders

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Actual Veggies: “Leading the Charge in Bringing Back VEGGIE Burgers”

Actual Veggies has some great news to share with our readers today. The New York brand is set to launch at all locations of Next Level Burger from January, adding to rollouts in PLNT Burger and Pincho and bringing the total food service footprint to over 35 locations. This is in addition to the current restaurants serving Actual Veggies burgers such as LA hotspots The Nice Guy and Delilah. Actual Veggies is doing some seriously original work with plants; our favourite concept being a breakfast burger that comes in pink and blue varieties. This work has been recognised not just by retailers like Costco and Kroger but by high-profile investors including the venture arm of rapper Post Malone’s management team, Electric Feel Ventures, and ​​English …


Strong Roots Entrees

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Strong Roots Debuts ‘Good Made Easy’ Frozen Line with 14 Plant-Based Entrees

Plant-based frozen foods brand Strong Roots announces it is launching ‘Good Made Easy’ – its first line of single serve frozen entrees. Coming to US Whole Foods in 2023, the new range boasts 14 innovative meal options.  According to Strong Roots, the ‘Good Made Easy’ range is only made from whole plant, clean label ingredients. Each meal is portioned for individual eating and the entrées can be conveniently prepared in under 5 minutes. Nutritionally, the meals, which contain less than 450 calories each, are low in saturated fat, sugar and sodium and provide up to 24 grams of protein. Most also provide a good source of fiber. The flavors include: Thai Green Veg Curry Greek Orzo Pasta Bake Veggie Masala Chickpea And Red Lentil Saag  …


Herbie Tofu Healthy Chicken Sandwich

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Fast Food

Herbie Burger Opens in LA to Offer Vegetable-Based Take on Vegan Fast Food

While most vegan burger spots make use of the ever-popular Beyond and Impossible Burgers, there’s a growing counter-movement that seeks to make whole vegetables and mushrooms the new star ingredients. Herbie Burger, which opened in Culver City, CA in August, is bucking the storebought brand trend to create its own line of indulgent black bean burgers, mushroom fried chicken, and healthier sides intended to shake up the plant-based fast food scene.  Herbie was founded by Peter Williams, a vegan of six years who enjoyed creating plant-based versions of classic comfort foods at home. When he struggled to find the same dishes at restaurants made without long lists of ingredients, Williams resolved to offer consumers the same decadent fare he loved with a healthier, whole foods …


Whole30 Plant-Based Melissa Urban

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Company News

Whole30 Launches First Plant-Based Whole30, a Comprehensive Vegan Protocol

Whole30, a leading wellness brand, announces the launch of Plant-Based Whole30 – the company’s first vegan health reset program. Modeled on the Original Whole30 plan, the new program focuses on using plant-based proteins to achieve the benefits of the hugely popular Whole30 diet regimen.  Founded in 2009, Whole30 offers a structured food elimination and reintroduction plan centered around eating whole, unprocessed foods. Until recently, the program relied exclusively on meat and animal products as protein sources, rendering it impractical for vegan and vegetarian users.  On the new Plant-Based Whole30, participants avoid consuming alcohol, added sugars, grains, meat and animal fat during the 30-day elimination phase. Following that phase, participants begin to gradually reintroduce omitted food groups, one by one, to determine the body’s reaction to …


actual veggies vegan breakfast burger

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Products & Launches

Actual Veggies Develops Vegan Breakfast Burger With Banana, Blueberries, and Acai

US company Actual Veggies produces plant-based burgers made with vegetables instead of processed ingredients. Now, the brand has created a sweet vegan breakfast burger, offering consumers a healthier way to start the day. The new Morning Burger is made with blueberries, banana, acai, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, dates, and blue spirulina. It is free from nuts, gluten, preservatives, soy, and added oils and sugars, while also being certified kosher and non-GMO. The vegan breakfast burger will be sold frozen in packs of four. It can be served pan-fried, or blended up and added to a smoothie. Actual Veggies recently showcased the burger at Plant Based World Expo, an event that is not open to the public. The product has not yet been officially launched, and the …


Actual Veggies Colorful Burger Patties

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Investments & Finance

Actual Veggies Secures $2.3M From High Profile Investors

Plant-based burger company Actual Veggies has raised $2.3 million in its latest funding round, with high profile investors including the venture arm of rapper Post Malone’s management team Electric Feel Ventures. Other backers include ​​English footballer and Inter Miami MLS player Kieran Gibbs, as well as Big Idea Ventures and Rose Street Capital. The New York City-based company, only launched in March of last year, has now secured a total of $2.8 million when combined with its previous funding round from Big Idea Ventures and angel contributions. The firm said it will use the new capital to expand its product assortment, invest in new equipment to streamline production and boost brand awareness through increased marketing efforts. The company currently offers four different SKUs and is …


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Americans Are Discovering Vegetables For the First Time Due to the Pandemic

Nearly seven in ten Americans have “discovered” vegetables in recent times, with many sampling leafy greens and one in five trying cauliflower for the first time in their lives. According to the survey of 2,000 US consumers, three-quarters describe themselves as recently reformed veggie lovers, with 39% of respondents citing their time in quarantine for their discovery of vegetables.


Natufia Kitchen

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Company News

Natufia Labs Receives $1.2 Million Grant Due to Boom in Veganism

The Estonian start-up Natufia Labs uses machine learning technology to develop sustainable and natural solutions in the form of indoor garden models that can be used to grow plants. With these intelligent machines, consumers can easily grow their own plants in the kitchen. In order to expand into Europe and the USA, the new company has now received 1.2 million dollars in capital.


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London: Allplants Vegan Delivery Service Receives £7.5 Million in Funding

The London-based UK start-up Allplants was set up as a vegan meal delivery service, to help consumers eat more vegetables and reduce their environmental footprint. According to a TechCrunch report, the company has now received new investment capital of £7.5 million through a financing round led by VC firm Octopus Ventur.