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Chicago’s ZENB Launches Yellow Pea-Based Lasagna and Cavatappi

Chicago-based food company ZENB announces its latest line expansion with ZENB Lasagna and ZENB Cavatappi. According to the company, the two new products are a first in the gluten-free, plant-based pasta category. The new products are said to offer the same mouthfeel as wheat pasta, but with more protein and fiber and no additives. According to the company, both ZENB Lasagna and ZENB Cavatappi are the first of their kind to have the same texture as wheat products, but with a clean label and made from just a single ingredient: whole yellow peas. The ZENB lasagna can be prepared in the oven like the original and enables the preparation of complex, multi-layered dishes. “This year was a unique year for ZENB as we entered retail …


ProVeg NFH Pastan

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Plant-Based Pasta as the Secret to Attracting Flexitarians to Food Service Venues

Since launching in 2020, Pastan has been serving up delicious plates of fresh, plant-based pasta to eager diners. Two pop-ups and a few years later, Pastan Co-Founders Jerome Ibanez and Dean Fawcett now have four vibrant restaurant venues under their belts – with their newest in Spain! In its latest New Food Hub interview, ProVeg International caught up with Co-founder Jérôme to learn more about the exciting chain, and to learn the secret to success. What’s the secret to attracting flexitarian and non-vegan eaters to plant-based restaurants like Pastan? Jérôme: Before we talk about things like marketing strategy, I think there is a key aspect for Pastan, which is pasta. So, pasta itself remains something very important – who doesn’t like pasta? The demographic goes …


UK's first branded plant-based meat-filled pasta

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Meatless Farm Launches “UK’s First” Branded Plant-Based Meat-Filled Pasta

Meatless Farm has launched a selection of new products in the UK, including what it claims are the country’s first branded plant-based meat-filled pastas. Two varieties of pasta are available — Beef, Red Wine & Porcini Mushroom Girasole and No-Duja Ravioli. Both are high-protein, low in sugar, and can be prepared in 4-5 minutes. Meatless Farm has also launched two more products, targeting the barbecue season. The first is the New York Style Cheezeburger, based on the brand’s original plant-based meat burger and featuring a smoky vegan cheese melt. Building on the success of its chipolata range, Meatless Farm has also launched Chorizo-Style Sausages, flavoured with paprika for a Spanish-style taste. They are said to be ideal for tapas, along with dishes such as paella. …



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GrownAs* Foods to “Revolutionize” Vegan Mac and Cheese With These Gourmet Flavors

GrownAs* Foods says it has reimagined vegan mac and cheese with these new Classic and Truffle varieties that apparently “cut the crap” found in conventional counterparts. A subsidiary of Colorado’s Seed Ranch Flavor Co; GrownAs* Foods states its intention to revolutionize the mac and cheese category by manufacturing clean ingredient, gourmet mac and cheese products for the modern market. The company also sells its vegan cheese to food service providers. Vegan mac and cheese is a relatively unsaturated market; at time of publication, the brands offering boxed vegan varieties in the US include Daiya, Banza, Annie’s, Chickapea, Trader Joe’s, and Goodles. According to the Boulder-based sauce specialist, what makes the GrownAs* products unique is their “stellar nutrition profile”, including simple ingredients like nutritional yeast, smoked …




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Gal Gadot’s GOODLES Mac and Cheese Launches First Dairy-Free Flavor

GOODLES, a healthier mac and cheese brand co-created by Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, is releasing its first plant-based flavor, Vegan is Believin’. Available online starting June 28, the new product features a lineup of 21 plant-based nutrients extracted from ingredients like chickpeas, mushrooms and kale, reports VegNews.  Flavor and nutrition Gadot co-launched GOODLES in 2021 to innovate conventional mac and cheese products with healthier ingredients. The upcoming Vegan is Believin’ flavor, which features spiral noodles in a white cheddar sauce, will incorporate GOODLES’ proprietary pasta formula. According to the brand, the new offering provides plenty of protein.  “Vegan Is Believin’ Mac and Cheese has the same 21 micronutrients as GOODLES dairy-based flavors, and it still packs a punch of protein, with 13 grams …



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SipaPro-Oat, the World’s First Organic Oat Protein Concentrate

Protein fulfills many roles in our body. It is crucial for building and repairing tissues, allows for signal transmission, plays a vital role in many metabolic reactions and coordinates numerous bodily functions. In addition, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance. Veganism is on the rise, and with it, the search for new alternative plant-based proteins. Food and beverage manufacturers are looking for proteins to create and enrich new high protein formulations. The choice of protein type mainly depends on the organoleptic properties such as taste but also the price, availability and sustainability are decisive factors. SipaPro-Oat is a perfect candidate to fulfill all those requirements. SipaPro-Oat is an oat protein concentrate that guarantees minimum 56% of proteins, 26,5% of carbohydrates, of which 15% …


Veggiecraft Farms Pasta_Spaghetti

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Litehouse Acquires Veggiecraft Farms as Dairy Producers Continue to Realise the Future is Plant-Based

Litehouse, Inc., an employee-owned company that refers to itself as the “leader in refrigerated salad dressings, dips, sauces, herbs, and cheese”, announces the acquisition of Veggiecraft Farms, a Los Angeles based producer of gluten-free pasta alternatives based on cauliflower, a trending ingredient in plant products.


Veggiecraft Farms

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Veggiecraft Farms Announces Exclusive Launch of its Cauliflower Pasta into Albertsons Stores Across US

Veggiecraft Farms has announced the availability of its Italian-crafted, shelf-stable, three-ingredient cauliflower pasta exclusively at Albertsons Companies nationwide. Previously available online-only, this launch marks Veggiecraft’s first move to brick-and-mortar retailers.


Lovegrass Ethopia

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Lovegrass Ethiopia Teff Pasta Now Triple Award Winning

Lovegrass Ethiopia has been awarded a sliver and bronze award in the Free From Food Awards with the world’s first 100% teff pasta. The white fusilli teff pasta won a Silver Award in the ‘Free From Foods Innovation Award’ and also received a Bronze ‘Free From Food Best Product From a Start-Up Award’. This follows their first win, ‘Innovative Better-For-You Product of the Year’ at Food Matters Live during their launch.


Modern Table

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Modern Table® Debuts Vegan Mac Line

Modern Table®, maker of delicious, complete protein pastas and Mac & Cheese, unveils its first-of-a-kind complete protein Vegan Mac line in three new flavours – Southwest, Classic Cheddar Style and White Cheddar Style. Modern Table pastas are made with lentils, rice and peas, containing all nine of the essential amino acids, are GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free with no artificial preservatives or colors.